The passing parade of Saints


What resources do you use to keep track of daily Saints. I use the TAN 2008 Saints calendar and daily planner, alongside the modern edition of Butler’s saints, the 13 volume edition from the Liturgical Press.

Tan remembered to list St. Ursula and her 11,000 Companions for 21 October, ignored by Liturgical Press. I note that the phrase is “companions”, not “virgins”.

23 October, and both remember St. John of Capistrano. I live not too far from Mission San Juan Capistrano (same guy in Spanish). Swallows and all that. Best known as the Inquisitor who dealt with the Hussites.

Liturgical Press also notes another Saint for 23 October, ignored by Tan, St. Ignatious of Constantinople. I note with vast amusement that Liturgical Press tiptoes delicately around the subject of Ignatious’s “mutilation”. Actually, he and his brother were castrated, as boys, to remove them from the line of succession for the Constantinople throne. I suppose it is a bit of an embarrassment to have a male Saint with a treble voice and no beard. But that was life in the 9th Century, folks. As a eunuch myself, I regard him as one of my Patron Saints, particularly for help with health problems like osteoporosis

What books or resources do you use, if any, to keep track of Saints?


i use the websites listed in the various posts in the saints thread in my sig


WOW! Thank you for the link, now in my AOL toolbar:thumbsup:


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