The Passion of the Catholic Church

This is a 14 part video someone put together on Youtube.
I am posting those parts I feel are the most powerful summary here:

1- (The Church as it was before the Council)

2- (eve of the Council in Europe leading up to the Council itself)

3- (Post-Council)

4- (Spirit of Vatican II)

5- (contd)

6- (The Restoration)

7- (Our Lady’s Heart will triumph!)

This will all foretold by Our Lady of Good Success:

The first reason was that towards the end of the 19th Century and through the 20th Century, heresies would prevail - not only in Ecuador but universally: “As these heresies spread out and become dominant, the precious light of Faith will be extinguished in souls by the almost total corruption of customs.” [8]

The second reason was that in the days to come the Conceptionist community itself would shrink and become infected with bad attitudes and false charity as a result of the pervading situation in the Church. Many vocations would be lost as a direct result: “The faithful souls will suffer a continuous and slow martyrdom - weeping in secret and imploring that those dire times be shortened.” [9]

The third reason the lamp failed was because during the prophesied century, the 20th, a worldwide campaign against the virtues of chastity, and purity would succeed in corrupting the youth. Our Lady of Good Success stated, “There will be few virgin souls left in the world”[10]

The fourth reason the lamp was put out was to demonstrate how the Masons and other secret sects would have so much influence on society and even within the Church. “During these unfortunate times,” she foretold, “evil will invade childhood innocence. In this way, vocations to the priesthood will be lost, resulting in a true calamity.” Our Lady of Good Success foresaw that there would still be some good, faithful religious who would be willing to suffer for the salvation of souls and life of the Holy Catholic Church. However, “The clergy will leave much to be desired because priests will become careless in their sacred duties. Lacking the divine compass, they will stray from the road traced by God for the priestly ministry, and they will become attached to wealth and riches, which they will unduly strive to attain. How the Church will suffer during this dark night! Lacking a prelate and a father to guide them, many priests will lose their spirit, placing their souls in great danger.” [10]

Our Lady affirmed that the remaining faithful priets upholding the Faith in the times ahead would suffer greatly. “Against them the impious will wage a cruel war, overwhelming them with vituperations, calumnies and vexations in order to stop them from fulfilling their ministry. But they, like firm columns, will remain unswerving and will confront everything with a spirit of humility and sacrifice with which they will be vested, by virtue of the infinite merits of my most Holy Son, Who will love them in the innermost fibers of His Most Holy and Tender Heart. Our Lady of Good Success implored that the people of this time should “clamor insistently” to the Heavenly Father for an end to ‘these ominous times’ sending to the Church a prelate and father who would restore the spirit to the priests”.[10]

The fifth reason for lamp going out is the uncharitability of those who have the financial means to help the Church but who do nothing. Their miserly attitude toward God and His Church will allow evil to seemingly triumph.


I did not like the modernist song mixed wiht the Traditional beauty of the Church in the first video.

Certainly these have an agenga that is opposed to and is proproganda against the Second Vatican Council. #4 appears to have shots from Episcopal services which means they are also misleading.
Who ever put this together

Not necessarily. They were already tinkering with the liturgy in Europe before the Council. Experimentation was being tried particularly in Germany. I noticed a couple of the pictures were Protestant, however, I think the implication was that this sort of thing was gradually being introduced by European liturgists.

Actually the reforms of the Second Vativan Council can be traced back 100 years before the event finally took place. Those that it was called and suddenly happened are wrong. The popes and bishops during that time knew changes had to come. They were being led by the Holy Spirit.
The council was not a radical change in the Church. There was a realization that the Church had driffed away from not only the pastoral and caring call of Christ, but the practices in the early church that came from the early fathers.
Certainly there should be reverence in our liturgical practices, but se must always keep in mind the pastoral need of the faithful when it comes to language and cultural practices.
It wasn’t tinkering, these were deliberit moves.

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