The Passion Sign


Today is the Feast of St Paul of the Cross, founder of the Congregation of the Sacred Passion, better known as Passionists. They have a distinctive Sign, which was given to them by the Mother of Sorrows

The Passionists have active priests and cloistered nuns. There are some active sisters who have taken Paulacrucian spirituality as their own.

Mrs Cloisters, OP
Lay Dominican


Our niece is a cloistered Passionist nun. Their Monastery is beautiful. We went for her first vows. She is now fully professed.


I got interested in this order after seeing some crucifixes and rosaries with their special Sign on eBay. I didn’t know it came from the Mother of Sorrows.


I nearly entered the Erlanger monastery. Here is a clearinghouse site I developed for the nuns in the US:

Whitesville has had the lion’s share of the vocations. There are other lovely CP monasteries in the US.

The Passion Sign was on the black garment worn by the Mother of Sorrows when she appeared to St Paul of the Cross. The nuns wear what Our Lady was wearing.


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