The Patriots’ championship parade is set for Tuesday


The Patriots’ championship parade is set for Tuesday

As Patriots fans should know by now, after a Super Bowl victory comes a Super Bowl parade.
And soon after the Patriots defeated the Falcons 34-28 in overtime Sunday night, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced that the ensuing parade is scheduled for 11 a.m. Tuesday, February 7.
Fire up the duck boats, the #Superbowl Champs are coming to town! Congrats to the @Patriots on tonight’s big win! #PatsNation #Patriots

Whoo hoo, see you on Tremont Street! :slight_smile:

Boston police tweeted their thanks “to all the fans who acted like champions tonight” and wrote that they would see them again on Tuesday

. :thumbsup:


This week I’m going to have to confess my feelings for the entire Patriots organization, from ownership to fans. :mad:


Before you do, make sure your priest is not a Patriots fan; otherwise, you will most likely not receive absolution.


I was happy to see the Patriots make this historic win. I am not a football fan, but considering they came from so far behind in the second half and won after an overtime was great! I even sat down to watch the last 15 minutes to watch.
Congrats to Tom Brady and the rest of the team!


I agree - that turned out to be a very memorable Superbowl.


I thought the parade was already forming in Atlanta at halftime. That comeback was seemingly impossible if the Falcons could just hang on to the ball and keep running it.


Yeah, right. So what happened? It’s like the Falcons’ defense disappeared without a trace.

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