The Peace and Justice Crowd

Although the archdiocese of Minneapolis/St. Paul has an Archbishop who is conservative and maybe even traditional the archdiocese has been a bastion of liberalism for years. I know because I grew up there.

I have looked at websites of different parishes in the archdiocese including the one I was raised in. Why is there such an emphasis on peace and justice?

What should the emphasis be on anyway?

I hate to sound cynical, but maybe it’s because they have lost sight of what the Gospel message is really about.

Maybe they talk a lot about peace and justice because that’s what this fallen world desperately needs much more of.

BTW, I Jesus would be a part of the ‘peace and justice crowd,’ don’t you?

Of course the world needs peace and justice. But didn’t Jesus say something about how 'His" peace and justice wouldn’t be exactly what the WORLD saw as peace and justice?

Any time you skew one segment of Christian teachings and put it as more important than all the others, you wind up with an inaccurate understanding of Christianity and Christ. While not all people do this, many do ‘go to extremes’ and they’re usually the most vocal and most powerful in the group.

Jesus would certainly be all for peace and justice–but He wouldn’t necessarily be ‘part of the P&J crowd’ because some of them probably really wouldn’t be for Him. They’d only be for Him in so far as He ‘met’ their criteria for their own interpretation of peace and justice should be. If Christ were to differ in HIS interpretation, they wouldn’t be changing to accommodate to His correct interpretation, they’d be criticizing Him for being violent and unjust! (This, of course, does not apply to every person who identifies as being concerned, or even ‘concerned about this above all’, with P& J, of course. That’s why I said ‘some’). Naturally some of the ‘crowd’ would be all for Jesus and would change to follow Him. Usually people aren’t involved in peace and justice to begin with unless they truly have some kind of concern for their fellow men–which is laudable. That’s why when something good (concern) is corrupted or made into a false idol or false god it is more of a problem and an evil than when something indifferent or bad is made worse.

Could you provide an example of a peace and justice issue that Jesus would be for, but that the ‘average’ P&J person would (perhaps) be against? Abortion springs readily to mind. What else?

You think the average P&J person would be for abortion? (Yikes, I hope not).

Jesus might not be for the ‘extremes’ of positions like, oh, say ‘animal rights’ (carried to the extreme that not only animals should not be eaten, but shouldn’t even be kept as pets.) He might not be for the kind of extreme that says that the priesthood is ‘just another job’ and so a woman could and should be a priest ‘just like a man.’ He might not feel that communism or socialism should be ‘imposed’ because it’s more ‘fair’ economically.’ He might not feel that certain crimes were ‘victimless’; he might not feel that certain groups or individuals commiting an action could be ‘excused’ whereas other groups/individuals committing the same action would be ‘criminal’. He might not feel that all black people should be ‘paid restitution’ because some black people were slaves centuries ago. He might not feel that affirmative action was a good thing.

That’s why I was careful to use words like ‘some’. SOME people involved with P&J are involved in worthwhile causes, in a worthwhile manner, and look on P&J as important but as no ‘more’ important than Christ’s ‘other’ teachings.

And some are so focused on what they consider P&J --the extremes above and many more, especially the idea that it is ‘more just’ to abort a child rather than have the child and/or the mother ‘suffer poverty’–that they ignore true Christianity and raise their false teachings as being ‘superior’.

I have to admit, I have a difficult time imagining Jesus having an opinion about affirmative action or socialism vs. capitalism. I get this silly picture of him sitting on the set of “Meet The Press” or something. :slight_smile: With that said, we must all try apply his words to modern issues, I suppose. Not so easy sometimes: not so easy to so, and some very uneasy conclusions.

I mentioned abortion because many people who are into P&J issues tend to be political liberals. You are very correct to keep using the word ‘some,’ though.

Nice speaking with you. God bless. I am going to bed!

Quite right. Good points.:cool:

I second that…

maybe they have read the gospel and recognize Jesus call for peace and justice as signs of the kingdom?

I don’t think he’s talking about people who think that peace and justice which come up as a result of people’s turning to God and becoming (more) Catholic is a good thing; he’s talking about people who are into their own political ideas who then use Christianity to justify their ideas, like so many who post on NCReporter–those who say, I’m Catholic and I work for peace and justice, and in order to have justice we have to have… women priests, homosexual “marriage,” abortion, etc.

Those people are perverting Catholic terminology.

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