The peaceful Islam in US !!!

During the June 2012 Arab-American festival in Dearborn MI in US, a Christian missionary was evangelising which made Muslims very angry and violent and the US police said the evangelism is dangerous to the public safety !

Where is the peaceful Islam that Muslims claim from time to time!, such violent behaviour is occurring from the young generations who were born, lived, and got their education in US !

That proves it’s no matter how many religious dialogues are there, it all goes back to the dogma itself, I personally do not blame those youths for that behaviour because they are implementing what their dogma teaches, but I blame their parents who should at least raised their children with a little respect towards others whether those others were from different religions or a secular people, at the end it’s a US territory a secular one not Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, no one should cross the line and harm the other because of the disagreement in the belief !

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Could it be in the imaginations of the mainstream media?

How many threads do we need to have on this incident?

Just where are the parents going to get such enlightenment themselves if they, too, “are implementing what their dogma teaches”?

I pray for the conversion of the Muslims
in my daily Rosary.
Our Lady of Fatima,
pray for us!

Unfortunately for peaceful Muslims, the violent Muslims will always win out. The heart of this problem, of course, is the lack of central authority in interpreting their violent Koran.

As opposed to the non violent Bible? :rolleyes:

We don’t have any violent Muslims here, but try not to group all the Muslims as violent. The majority are not, but like somebody said: the violent ones will always win out.

And when *Catholics *respond violently to Protestant evangelization, this is often excused as simple piety responding to an insensitive attack on their faith.

There are plenty of instances of Catholics in Latin American countries stoning or otherwise mobbing Protestant missionaries.

I knew a family in Romania who were besieged in their house by a mob of angry Catholics because a Catholic had converted to Protestantism and joined the church that met in this family’s house.

In the late 90s, a Romanian Orthodox mob brutally beat a bunch of Baptist missionaries, including an elderly man and a teenage girl.

This is the common reaction of members of more traditional religions to Western evangelical proselytizing. (It is, of course, the wrong reaction in my opinion, no matter who does it.) It’s not just a Muslim thing.

What makes the Dearborn incident different, admittedly, is that it took place on American soil, so one can make the case that the Muslims are enjoying American religious freedom and need to accept that this comes along with annoying behavior by evangelicals. Catholics have learned to live with this–Muslims will have to as well. But it may take them a while. It will take them far too long if the police don’t enforce American laws regarding freedom of expression out of a misguided form of political correctness. So I absolutely agree that police collusion with the Muslims’ violent reaction is a serious problem.


IMHO the Christians were way out of line here. Granted the Islamic response in behavior was uncalled for. This was a far reach in the name of Freedom of Speech. This is about the same as Islam attending your Church event and promoting Sharia Law, to boot they not only managed to insult the Arabs they managed to include all the Apostolic Churchs in their foolish behavior. :shrug:

As opposed to the bible’s non-violent new testament.

The Bible is not just composed of the New Testament. Changing the goalposts like that is dubious…

My Muslim students, not an insignificant number, who attend the Catholic University in which I teach, always show the utmost respect for non-Muslim students, as well as their instructors. I live in an ethnically mixed neighborhood in New York, which includes Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and Jews, and, to my knowledge, there have never been any cultural clashes. The majority of Muslims in the US are peaceful, law-abiding citizens; the few who incite violence are the ones who get all the attention.

The differece is the catholic faith does not teach violence like islam so the argument saying catholics attack protestant evangelists is rediculous. If someone catholic does violence you cant relate it to his or her faith, but muslims do violence according to there faith.

The Catholic faith has mostly, with a slight reservation, renounced the use of coercion, true.

But that’s a relatively modern stance.

The Catholic Church has a long history of endorsing violence of many different kinds in order to defend the Faith.

Pope Leo X in Exsurge Domine condemned Luther for criticizing the *burning *of heretics.

Throwing stones at proselytizers is small potatoes by comparison.

I entirely agree that Muslims need to be sent a strong message that this sort of behavior is absolutely out of bounds in the U.S., and that Christians should point out to Muslims that we have renounced this misguided way of defending our faith.

But the claim that somehow this action shows that Islam is fundamentally violent in a way that Christianity isn’t just doesn’t hold up in light of the evidence.


Even if a Pope or someone in the laity does a violent act it is not taught by the church. I agree that not all muslims are violent but the fact is that islam extremests are taught violence. You aretryingto lump the Catholics in this group of people. you know as well as i do that there has been violence through history from protestants as well but i know they are not taught this.

To me in the video it appears that the “protestant evangelists” if that’s what they even can be called (they’re such a disgrace), are really the ones who provoked the muslims. for all we know these muslims may be peaceful people and may have been brought up peacefully. it seems the christains were the provokers. i mean come on, everything they did was just to get the muslims mad, probably so they could do just that, post a video on youtube and show the world why islam is evil. i mean t shirts with hebrew? reallly? and signs that say you;re going to hell?

I’m tired of this, Christains giving christianity a bad name. it’s people like this that make me… ughhhh. they’re the ones that make Christianity seem stupid and stuff. they sit their and fight the faithless or people of other faiths with the Bible. what kind of sense does that even make? if you tell a muslim he is going to burn in hell cuz of his faith or cuz the bible says so or that Jesus is the only way to heaven, why would he care? He doesn’t believe in Jesus or what the Bible says! he’s a muslim! (well actually muslims DO believe in Jesus but they say He is only a prophet) same goes for atheists or hindus, ect. you cant fight faithless or other faiths with your own faith. that is as ridiculous as a hindu coming up to a Catholic and saying his hindu faith is the right religion cuz the Vedas say so. that is stupidity and shows that you really don’t know you’re doing. what if a muslim came up to you and said " YOUR going to hell cuz the koran says so." you would just blow the guy off. why do you care? it’s not your religion.

if you rreally want to convert someone or touch their hearts, you have to do so first off in a PEACEFUL and non perogative way. dont rant them on and stuff, be peaceful and find common grounds. DONT use the Bible or Catholic dogma as your source, you will get no where and only end up getting in a hot dispute like these guys with no brains did.

further more, i hate the large anti semitic feel that many americans have gotten after 9/11. i myself am a full blown american but i chose to learn arabic because i love the culture and i love the language. you wouldn’t believe how many people come up to me and call me a terrorist suicide bomber. i used to not be fond of the muslims either because my family preached anti muslim things. but then i realized Jesus teaches and came to my senses and knew Jesus taught peace and not violence or hatred towards people of the other faiths. did Jesus sit there n say," oh you stupid Jews dont you know that my Church is the only True Church?" “who says so?” “me and my Bible. you’ll all burn in hell soon enough if you don’t convert now” no rather He approached them with gentleness and slowly showed them how His faith is the one true faith. He did not cram it down their throats. rejoicing over osama bin laden’s death? that was the most disgusting thing i ever heard of.

and to the one who said that Catholics killed Protestants, big whoop don’t you know of the many more Protestants who have killed Catholics? we can sit here an accuse the other side of all of the atrocities that they have committed, but we willl get no where. instead of bickering like a bunch of old men, let’s try to fulfill Christ’s plan by bringing back unity in the Church and making there only one True Church, the Catholic Church. (Catholic means universal, its for everybody) whether we realize it or not other faiths do contain part of the Truth, although ot as much as the Catholic church. Other faiths can lead a person of that faith to heaven, if that person leads a moralistic life. Christians aren’t the only ones going ot heaven.


There is no denying this, though: in the Bible, in the New Testament (which we Christians base our faith upon), we are told that if we can’t make converts in a particular town, to simply pack up and move on to the next one.

The Quran says, “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.”

I’ve read it twice. I cannot emphasize how many verses (I’d suspect half the book) are expressions of God’s hatred for non-Muslims and the hellfire He is gleefully preparing for them. One verse calling for peace between Muslims and People of the Book (provided they submit to dhimmi status) is immediately preceded by one calling for war against them. I do realize that many Muslims are peaceful, kind people. But there’s no getting around what’s in their holy book.

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