The Peope of the Gospel


The people in the Gospel are real people, but they also represent us. Jesus’ mother and brothers and sisters represent righteous souls. His betrayer and enemies and executioners representful wicked souls. That is why those who do God’s Will are really His mother and brothers and sisters and why those who sin crucify Jesus anew.

But who dose Jesus represent? For He is also a Person of the Gospel! Jesus represents the Catholic Church. The Church is His Body. The Church continues Jesus’ mission of delivering souls from evil by her prayer, her sacraments, her teachings, her rites, and such things. She is the Sacrament of Salvation.


Jesus is God.

He is the Hope of all Ages, he is our Saviour, he is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

He cannot be compared to anybody else.


I think that The “just man” of the psalms is Jesus. As well as many other old testament figures. The funny thing is that the “just man” is also us as we are in Christ. It is somehow a reality and at the same time an ideal. My two cents.


Also, Adam and King David are Old Testament “pre-figurements” of Christ. In addition, several non-human “pre-figurements”… such as the Lamb and the Lion of Judah.

But I can’t understand how Jesus could represent us, in any way. Because we are sinful humans. My feeling is more that He represents what we should aspire to be.

God bless.


That’s a bit like saying a man represents his portrait :slight_smile: The Church is for manifesting Christ; He is prior to it. He represents His Father, not the Church.

He represents His People to His Father, as their Mediatorial King & Priest - but that is not founded on their being the Church after the Passion: His Mediatorial work on the Cross is what the Church is born from. But He doesn’t represent the Church
*]before the Passion
*]or to other people.
As for the first bit - :thumbsup:


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