The people of Calais are fighting back with a VERY French revolution

Local residents say they are afraid to drive in some areas after dark. Farmers, too, say, they have had enough.

‘They tore down my fences for firewood and so my animals escaped,’ says the leader of the tractor-driving posse, Xavier Foissey.
‘They chop down trees to block the roads, which is as dangerous to them as anyone else. And they damage the crops hiding in there every night waiting for the lorries. I have lost €300,000 this year.’

Good on them - hopefully it will result in the refugees being treated as humans and relocated properly. These camps are a breeding ground for delinquents.

I guess expecting them to behave like civilized human beings, grateful for being taken from the war torn hellhole they came from is too much to ask.

Britain to build 13ft high wall in Calais to block refugees from entering the UK

                                           Sounds like only a short term solution to the problem.

So there are no delinquents in America then? No crime? No areas that are more dangerous then others because a bunch of people are living in poverty with no opportunities?

I’ll bet if a bunch of Americans were interred like this, the same thing would happen.

Back in the 1940s, a bunch of Japanese and German Americans were interred due to fears, largely unfounded, of enemy sympathies. I don’t recall reading about those camps being overtaken by criminal gangs. Keep in mind, these were American citizens, not foreign refugees, so they had every right to feel more oppressed.

Oh there are lots of home grown delinquents here. Hence no need to import more of them.

For refugees who are no threat at all, yes they should be welcomed. My town has welcomed 200 Syrian refugees and no problems so far.

If refugees decide to make life difficult for others, I don’t see why they shouldn’t be stopped.

I don’t know what this even has to do with Americans. Hordes of military age males pour into a country and start making life difficult for the people who live there and many people think they should be rewarded for it.

One of the big internment camps for WWII captives was in my part of the country. The train cars taking them there had barred windows. However, the prisoners’ conduct was so good the army let them go out and work for local farmers, for pay. Manpower was short then, and they were very much welcomed by the locals. There were no bad incidents, and none ran away. (Where would they go from southern Missouri?) A fair number of them decided America was a good place to live and never went back.

Different times, different folks.

They “decided to stay” because they were American citizens.

Sorry that I didn’t make myself clear. These particular people were prisoners of war; German and Italian soldiers, not interned American citizens.

So far today, a car owned by someone on a watchlist found packed with gas cylinders near Notre Dame Cathedral and 2 policeman stabbed by an illegal migrant from Morocco in the Molenbeek section of Brussels It’s coming.

These people have left the refugee camps where they are provided with shelter, food and medical care. In truth they are almost all economic migrants, not refugees.

Oops, sorry, didn’t mean to be a jerk.

Yes. No offense taken. As I understand it, those particular prisoners were captured in the North Africa campaign. The Allies captured thousands and thousands of Germans and Italians when Axis resistance there collapsed. I think England took some of them too, and some of them chose to stay in England after the war just as some stayed in America. But I assume most returned to their home countries.

Yes of course they should be.

My problem is with posters who seem to take the actions of what is undoubtedly a minority of teenagers or younger men who are representative of the portion of any culture who would behave that way and then use that to imply that refugees are ungrateful, etc.

Root out the delinquents sure, but don’t treat the innocent people like **** because of them. That is my point.

So they didn’t come from a war torn country then?

I’m sure if there was civil war in America, there would be plenty of Americans who would leave refugee camps in search of a better life anywhere they could.

If these refugees were so well-off, they wouldn’t need people from France, Ireland, the UK and other places donating clothes, tents and supplies to the camp in Calais.

Can you imagine a family living in a tent that was abandoned by some weekend festival-goer in a field in Ireland? Because they collect tents from Irish festivals and bring them to Calais for the refugees.

There is only one entity to blame here and that is the French government. They, like our own government, now care more for non-citizens than their own citizens. Those people should be rounded up and placed in guarded facilities until they are sent back to their own home countries. Stuff like this has got to stop because the people who are suffering now are the residents of places like Calais.

The problem is things like this keep happening more and more and in many different European countries. If those refugee men aren’t raping German women, they are fighting among themselves. The western nations are suckers and these people are causing more problems than they are worth.

I said they were economic migrants, not that “they were well off”

Perhaps you should read up on the UN Agreement on Refugees established in the 50’s

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