The Perfect Image( Son of God)

God the Father who looks into his divine mind and sees Himself as He really is, and forms a thought of Himself.You and I do thesame thing, often.We turn our gaze inward, and see ourselves, and form a thought about ourselves. It is a thought which expresses itself in the silent words “John Smith” or “Mary Jones”.

But there is this difference between our knowledge and God’s knowledge of Himself. Our knowledge of ourselves is imperfect,incomplete.(Our friends could tell us things about ourselves that will surprize us).Yet even if we did know ourselves perfectly, even if the thought we had about ourselves as we silently spoke our name was a complete thought, a perfect reproduction,it still would be only a thought remaining inside us.The thought would have no existence of its own,no life of its own. The thought would cease to exist,even in my own mind, the minute i turned my attention to something else.The reason is that existence, or life, is not a necessary part of the picture of myself.There was a time when i did not exist at all. And I immediately would fall back into nothingness if God did not keep me in existence.

But with God things are very different. It is the very nature of God to exist. There is no other way of thinking straight about God, except to think of him as the Being who never had a beginning, the Being who always was and always will be.The only real definition we can give of God is to say,“He is who is"That is why God described Himself to Moses " I am who am”

If the thought that God has of Himself, then, is to be an infinitely complete and perfect thought, it must include existence, since to exist is the very nature of God. The image that God sees of himself, the silent word that he eternally speaks of Himself, must have a distinct existence of its own.It is this living thought which God has of himself, this living word in which He perfectly expresses Himself whom we call God the Son. The Son of God therefore is the perfect image that God has of himself which from all eternity is generated, begotten in the divine mind of the Father.

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