The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita


Anyone read this booklet ? I was given a copy of it yesterday after attending a Billboards For Life presentation, in support of their cause.

In the past, I had ignored the “masonic infiltration” claims, but after reading this little booklet, it has me quite upset.

Here is a quote from Yves Marsaudon, a Scottish Rite Freemason, taken from his book Ecumenisn Viewed by a Traditional Freemason.

Catholics…must not forget that all roads lead to God. And they will have to accept that this courageous idea of free-thinking, which we can really call a revolution, pouring forth from our Masonic lodges, has spread magnificantly over the dome of St. Peter’s.

Have the majority of Catholics indeed accepted this ?

Freemason Jacques Mitterand writes…

Something has changed within the Church, and replies given by the Pope to the most urgent questions, such as priestly celibacy, and birth control, are hotly debated within the Church itself; the word of the Sovereign Pontiff is questioned by bishops, by priests, by the faithful. For a Freemason, a man who questions dogma is already a Freemason without an apron.

Does the average Catholic today have any idea whatsoever what the Alta Venita is ? It’s goals ? And it’s triumph over so many churchmen ?

How could this happen, despite the efforts of Popes Pius X, Pius IX, Leo XIII, and Gregory XVI ?

There is no “masonic conspiracy theory” to prove or disprove. Popes have warned of, and fought against this threat, and Freemasons boast of triumph. It’s real.

This has to be the ultimate test of Faith.


Well, the quotes you cited are directly opposed to Catholic teachings.

The second quote is more troubling. We can see the scandal these public “debates” on settled moral issues causes and the fuel it gives the enemies of the Church.

While I am not certain what the actual problems between the Catholic Church and Freemasonry are, I do know that historically they were started in an effort to organize and centralize the fight against the Catholic Church. Freemasonry also claimed victory when the Jesuit Order was (temporarily) suppressed.

The only reconciliation possible with Freemasonry is if they renounce all their anti-Catholic efforts and practices and cease being a secret society. There are probably a few other changes that Freemasonry would to do, but since I am not very knowledgeable, I cannot begin to say what they are.


Pius IX published Alta Vendita to make all Catholics aware of their goal to destroy the Church



2…. At this period, however, the partisans of evil seems to be combining together, and to be struggling with united vehemence, led on or assisted by that strongly organized and widespread association called the Freemasons. No longer making any secret of their purposes, they are now boldly rising up against God Himself. They are planning the destruction of holy Church publicly and openly, and this with the set purpose of utterly despoiling the nations of Christendom
6. For as soon as the constitution and the spirit of the masonic sect were clearly discovered by manifest signs of its actions, by the investigation of its causes, by publication of its laws, and of its rites and commentaries, with the addition often of the personal testimony of those who were in the secret, this apostolic see denounced the sect of the Freemasons, and publicly declared its constitution, as contrary to law and right."

1917 Code of Canon Law 2335
Persons joining associations of the Masonic sect or any others of the same kind which plot against the Church and legitimate civil authorities contract ipso facto excommunication simply reserved to the Apostolic See.

1983 Code of Canon Law 1374:
A person who joins an association which plots against the Church is to be punished with a just penalty; one who promotes or takes office in such an association is to be punished with an interdict.


Hi rrc, thanks for your thoughts on this. It is disturbing.
But, the Freemasons are not going to convert as long as it appears that most of today’s churchmen are seeing things their way :shrug:

We can only pray it’s not too late. The Church will not fall. Christ promised us this. But the words of St. Anthanasius are haunting…
Even if Catholics faithful to Tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the true Church of Jesus Christ. - St. Athanasius, AD 373 **


Free Masonry is largely dying-out in the USA…


Yes, thanks, … and then there is the Oath Against Modenism, ordered by Pius X. And his Pascendi and Lamentabili.


I certainly hope so. There is a lodge about five blocks from me that now has a for sale sign out front :thumbsup:

I don’t think they are selling it due to a need for more space. I’ve driven past it for years, and never saw over ten vehicles parked there during their meeetings.


I don’t know about other countries, but yes, it does seem to be dying out because most of its members are elderly and young men aren’t joining. I don’t think this is due to any noble reasons on the part of the young people - they are just too busy to be bothered. This trend has been observed with regard to many other types of social oranizations that require some sort of commitment to membership. But in this case, it works for the better!


This is why, as then Cardinal Ratzinger reaffirmed in the not too recent past, being part of the Masons incurs the automatic excommunication given to those who join societies that plot against the Church.

Sadly, Masonic principles are pretty widespread in most countries nowadays. As has been pointed out, these are not Catholic principles, but there are many individual Catholics who are strongly influenced by them. It’s a sad fact that Catholics living under non-Catholic regimes often follow suit (just look at how the people would switch between orthodoxy and Arianism depending on the profession of whatever Gothic king was in power–St. Isadore wrote a book or two on this). In regards to the Church not following the Pope, that is definitely a problem, as St. Francis de Sales lamented: “if she followed him not, how would she be one? And what confusion would be seen in Christendom, while the one party should consider a law good the others bad, and while the sheep, instead of feeding and fattening in the pasture of Scripture and the Holy Word, should occupy themselves in controlling the decision of their superior?”

As then Cardinal Ratzinger explains in his book “Called to Communon,” one reason the Masons hated the Catholic Church is that it believes that faith is by its nature public and communal therefore belonged in public life. They spread the idea that institutional religion was bad and that a private, personal faith was the preferred choice…


Agreed :slight_smile:


That is what bothers me so much. Formally joining these groups results in excommunication, but we have churchmen embracing their ideas. Even after such a blatant exposure of their goals, which is to influence these churchmen through infiltration, and in effect, reduce the Papacy to a symbolic office, it appears it has happened.

I’m not saying Freemasonry has won, or will ultimitely win. But it appears they are still winning, for now, the hearts of many churchmen.


There have always been lay people and churchmen who compromise with the world in one way or another depending on the values of the world at that time. Whether they be simoniacs, nepotists, seekers of wealth and temporal pleasures and honors, falsely tolerant or ashamed of their patrimony, or whatever–they will always be there. It is the weakness of human nature.

I will try and summarize a little of the teaching of St. Catherine of Siena, who dealt with many similar issues in her day (worldly clergy and people, Catholics warring against each other, liturgical abuses, etc., etc.): If you are easily scandalized by such sinners–and this is also a weakness of our human nature–remember your own sins and the patience and compassion of Christ, who in due time poured forth the Spirit to effect your conversion. Pray for them with tears of fire.

Remember too, that if you think their superiors are being negligent in duly punishing them, then it is the Supreme Pastor Jesus Christ who will rectify things in due time–it is not for us to throw stones under the pretext that we are simply resisting bad pastors. The only way we effect reform of this nature is for those who carry the flame of divine love to spread it, and not to keep it isolated from those who have grown lukewarm or cold. See those sinners whom God has placed in your life as instruments of your sanctification and bear with them faithfully and with holy compassion (not bitterness or contempt which can extinguish our flame) giving good for evil and setting them ablaze with the fire of love. There may be trials, but without labors and sorrows, where would be the crown of patience? Seek to draw the rose from the thorns.

And of course, don’t worry about things you personally cannot control–this leads to nothing but interior desolation. Christ is aboard the ship, even if He appears to be asleep and He can calm the storms whenever He chooses–He is in control of larger picture. As St. Paul says, judge not until the appointed time when all is made manifest. Or as St. Augustine noted, do not judge a mosaic by small corner, but by the whole picture. Until then we walk by faith and not be sight, and we spread the light of divine love.

The papacy is not a symbolic office, just because some choose not to follow. Many people also do not follow Christ Himself–do you expect them to pay more respect to His Vicar? There will always be those in the fold who pay no heed to the pastor, but the Master Shepherd will separate them out in due time. It is not for us to worry about except to seek their salvation where we can–rather, let us be about our Father’s business that He has laid before us.


Also keep in mind the masons in the USA were largely a fraternal organization. Many businessmen used it as a way to meet and greet. It NEVER had the impact in the USA that it once had in Europe, centuries before…


I certainly don’t see the Papacy as a symbolic office, but it seems the goal of the Freemasons to make it so.

Thanks though, for taking time to help me with this. It helped calm me down a bit. It’s easy to forget the Church has had enemies for a very long time.

Good advice, thanks again :slight_smile:


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