The Permissibility of Asking God to Change Objective Moral Rules

Thank you for all the responses guys. To clarify, I do not have any faith crisis with God or His moral law; I just thought of this question a week or two ago and it seemed convincing, so I wanted to get some answers. The immutability of God is an interesting and powerful doctrine that the Catholic Church holds.


Creation is through the Son, the Word. So the natural law, let alone any special individual commands of God, are really from the unchanging God.

You are free to wish that God were different - but it is pretty presumptuous, don’t you think? We don’t advise God on what to do, let alone wish that He was different. What more goodness is there than what He is already? None.

I consider asking God to change the moral law an exercise in futility.


God’s laws are eternal. They do not change with the whim of society.

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