The Person You’re Most Likely To Kill With Your Gun Is You

"Those who oppose further regulation of guns make the argument that guns are necessary for self-defense.

"The 2011 study “Guns in the home provide greater health risk than benefit” showed that a gun is more likely to send a family member to the emergency room or the morgue than to ever be used against an intruder.

“As the nation considers what can be done about gun violence, the issue of how to protect gun owners from themselves definitely needs to be considered.”

A firearm provides protection against home invasion, business, and all violent crimes related, . Misuse of a gun could lead to an accident. Americans are divided, however, its a Constitutional right, and US Freedom. We should uphold all our freedoms as they in fact were paid for by the sacrifice of life itself, and Freedom once again is under attack by this administration and its horrifying agenda, and others such as radical Islamic bombers, drug cartels and all the rest of the real evil which confront us.

“However, the Supreme Court has now definitively held that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that weapon for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.” 2008

In other news, it was discovered that having heroin or cocaine in the home was more likely to harm a resident than an intruder. If we just outlawed these dangerous drugs…

Oh, wait. Maybe the solution is not a change in laws, but a change in the attitudes and behavior of people. Maybe we need a greater respect for life that says violence in the home, carelessness with potentially dangerous instruments, or putting poison into our bodies to get high is morally wrong.

There is nothing worse than a “study” with an agenda. What about the millions of gun owners who never suicide, and never commit gun crimes? These are ignored in order to hype up some misleading stats for anti self defense activists. I believe the title of this thread to be false.

Still grinding the anti-gun axe, I see, Robert Sock. Reminds me of a few lines from the Jurassic Park movie.

Malcolm: “She’s, uh, tenacious.”

Grant: “You have no idea.”

Praying for you to find peace and be able to get past this issue. Also, I’m praying for all those whose Faith you have questioned, as well as those you have judged and insulted with your posts. I guess this thread is a continuation on that theme, so I guess you are not quite ready to let it go and give it to God.

Peace be with you.

“morally wrong”? Don’t you know you can’t force your morality on other people with different viewpoints? Way back in 1976 I was undergoing “training” to be a drug rehabilitation counselor at the Navy’s treatment center in San Diego. On our first day I and all the other trainees along with a civilian psychologist and a Navy counselor were in a group session. We were asked to “share” something significant about ourselves. Nobody said anything, so, not being able to stand the silence, I “shared” that I had recently returned to the practice of the Catholic faith and that I thought taking drugs was wrong. From that moment on I was a marked man. I was told that you couldn’t tell anyone that taking drugs was wrong; you could tell them that it was bad for their health, might adversely affect their job or their relationships, but you most definitely couldn’t tell them it was wrong. Eventually I was cut from the program and shipped out to the fleet.

As far as guns go, they’ll probably make you feel safer, but the actual use of a firearm, even in self defense, is another matter. A coworker of mine once thought he had an intruder in the basement of his house. He took his 357 and went down, but he said he was shaking so bad he didn’t know if he could have actually hit anything. No actual intruder, somebody just left the door open. Training is key.

The fact that it is projected that in 2015 there will be more deaths by firearms than in auto accidents is sobering, to say the least.


La La Land.

Are you suggesting that we legalize hard drugs, and instead preach that it’s morally wrong to take them? Why not say that owning a gun is morally wrong given the fact that owning one is more likely to end up killing the owner or a loved one than to protect oneself in self defense? The fact is that guns very often kill innocent people.

So do cars. Should we ban cars?

Look at the graph:

With every right comes responsibility.

We have a responsibility to make sure a firearm is stored safely (unloaded). If you have children, I think trigger locks are a MUST (and a gun safe is even better).

We have a responsibility to learn safe firearm handling. Every time I hear a story about some idiot who shot themselves while cleaning their firearm, I shake my head and hear the words of my dad echoing through my head, “rule number one of gun handling… make sure the firearm is unloaded unless you’re planning to pull the trigger!” The same thing when I hear two guys hunting and one slipped and shot the other while walking through the woods (it doesn’t take that long to load a hunting rifle or shotgun if you jump a deer).

We also have a responsibility to educate those who live with us about firearm safety. Children - rule #1 - DON’T TOUCH MOMMY OR DADDY’S GUNS! THEY ARE NOT TOYS!

We also have a responsibility to try and change those things in society which are contributing to gun voilence. I believe the majority of the violence is still gang/drug related. We need to speak with our kids and make sure they know how stupid using drugs or getting involved with gangs are. We need to promote positive values in our communities, and work to break the cycle of poverty in inner cities that allows gangs to fester.

Cars are necessary, guns are not.

Only proving that the Obama Economy has an impact that few will discuss.

The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported on May 3, 2013 that “recent evidence suggests there have been substantial increases in suicide rates among middle-aged adults in the United States.”

CDC analyzed National Vital Statistics System mortality data from 1999–2010, and found that the suicide rate among Americans aged 35–64 years increased 28.4 percent

The CDC notes, “Possible contributing factors for the rise in suicide rates among middle-aged adults include the recent economic downturn (historically, suicide rates tend to correlate with business cycles, with higher rates observed during times of economic hardship).” Other researchers point to the recent economic downturn with more certainty as the major culprit.

So basically from the chart, cars are getting safer and guns are staying more ores the same, deaths actually down from an all-time high in 93-94. What’s the point?

Not even close. I am saying that laws have no value unless people respect and obey them, and that requires a change in attitude.

Guns are not intrinsically immoral. They are so useful for moral purposes that we issue them to police and military personnel to serve the common good. They are part of the Olympic Games, provide people with food, recreation, and protection from dangerous animals, including human animals. The fact that they are misused by some people does not make the gun immoral, it only shows that people act in ways that are immoral, whether through malice or negligence.

I agree training is the key. It seems one reads far more about accidental deaths with guns than self defense incidents. I doubt stats of any kind are non biased.

Where do you prove that the Obama Economy is responsible for the increase in the suicide rate? What you’re saying sounds absurd. Why not place the blame on gun ownership where it belongs?

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