The Petrified Girl.

This story happened in a simple Soviet family in the city of Kuibyshev, nowadays Samara, at the end of the 1950s. The mother and her daughter were going to celebrate New Year’s Day. The daughter, Zoya, invited seven of her friends: girls and young men — to the party with dances. It was the time of the Nativity fast, and the believing mother asked Zoya not to have a party, but the daughter insisted. In the evening the mother went to church to pray.

The guests arrived, but Zoya’s fiancé Nicholas had still not arrived. They did not wait for him, they began dancing. The girls and youths formed pairs, and Zoya was left by herself. Vexed, she took an icon of St. Nicholas the Wonder Worker and said: ‘I shall take this Nicholas and dance with him,’ — ignoring her friends, who advised her not to perform such blasphemy. ‘If there’s God, He will punish me,’ — she said.

They began the dancing, completed two rounds, when suddenly there was unimaginable noise whirlwind, a dazzling light flashed

Fun turned into horror. Everyone ran out of the room in fear. Only Zoya remained standing with the icon of the saint, pressing it to her breast, — petrified, cold as marble. Nothing that the doctors who came tried could bring her to senses. Needles broke and bent upon injection, as if coming on a stone obstruction. They wanted to take the girl for supervision to a hospital, but could not shift her from the spot: it was as if her feet were riveted to the floor. But her heart was beating — Zoya was alive. From that moment on she could neither drink, nor eat.

When the mother returned and saw what had happened, she lost consciousness and was taken to a hospital, from which she returned a few days later: faith in the mercy of God, ardent prayers for the forgiveness of her daughter restored her strength. She came to her senses and prayed for mercy and help.

At first, the house was surrounded by crowds of people — believers, physicians, ecclesiasts, the simply curious. But soon the house was closed to visitors by order of the authorities. Two militiamen guarded it in 8 hour shifts. Several of the guards, still very young (28-32 years old.), turned gray from horror when at midnight Zoya shouted terribly. At night, her mother prayed beside her.

Before the holiday of the Annunciation (that year it was on the Saturday of the third week of Great Lent) a righteous-looking elder came and asked permission see Zoya. But the militiamen on duty refused him. He came again the next day, but again, different attendants rejected him.

The third time, on the very day of the Annunciation the attendants allowed him to enter. The guards heard him ask Zoya tenderly: ‘Well, are you tired of standing?’

Some time passed, and when the militiamen on duty went to let the elder out, he was not there. Everybody was convinced that it was St. Nicholas.

So Zoya stood for 4 months (128 days), till Pascha, which was on April 23 that year (May 6 by the new calendar). After Pascha, Zoya revived; softness, vitality appeared in her muscles. She was put to bed, but she continued to call out and ask everybody to pray.

All these events struck the citizens of the city of Kuibyshev and its vicinities, so that many people, seeing these miracles, were converted to faith. People hurried to church to confess. The non-orthodox were baptized. Those without a pectoral cross began to wear one. The conversion was so great, that there were not enough crosses in churches for those who asked for them.

On the third day of Pascha, Zoya departed to God, having gone a difficult path — standing for 128 days before the face of God for the redemption of her sin. The Holy Spirit kept the life of the soul, having resurrected it from mortal sins, so that in the coming day of the Resurrection of all the living and the dead, it could rise in the body to eternal life. Even the name, Zoya, means “life.”

This is to tell is not OK to dance in church or with sacred objects:
Who likes Vatican II?

What was the girl’s last name? What was the address of her house? You say this happened in the 1950s. Where is “Zoya” buried? Can you provide a photograph of her grave?

What was the name of the hospital she was in? Did the physicians who examined her put anything in writing about her condition, and if so, where are those documents?

How about the others who were at that New Year’s Day party - where are they and have they spoken about it?

In other words, do you have any evidence at all that this actually occurred, and that it’s not just a pious legend intended to scare people away from dancing?

(And for those who think I’m being too skeptical, ask yourself: did the Church just roll over and accept what Bernadette of Lourdes, and the three children of Fatima, said, without insisting on facts to back up their stories? I may not be a perfect Catholic, but I will readily admit that’s one of the things I do admire about the Church - they investigate claims of miracles very seriously! :thumbsup:)

Can you please provide a source link to this story.


As its only 50 years ago, there must be news reports, newspaper reports, pictures?

Can you link to them?

If its all made up, it does nothing but discredit.

I cant find any references to this event outside of orthodox sites.

No pictures.


I think made up stuff like this does nothing but discredit and puts off inquirers as it makes it sound and seem like the faith is full of hokum.

And thats not true.

Why do religions tolerate or support such nonesense being spread in their name?

Yes, I’m certain the Russians have made the effort to scan all their news archives from half a century ago and make them available on the Internet :rolleyes:

You may ask people over 50 in Kuibyshev, nowadays Samara and don’t worry in communist states religious news were almost banned so don’t expect to see it in News Papers but they remained in Church.
If you want miracles:
All important moments in Bible for almost 2000 years are pointed by miracles that today happen in Orthodox Christianity.
1.The most important moment in Bible is Jesus resurrection proving him to be God and having power over death. The history say that Apostle Peter coming to the Holy Sepulcher and that he found a Light there. Over the Holy Sepulcher, the cave where Jesus body lied for some days a Church was built and in this Church , Holy Sepulcher Church in Jerusalem, in the celebration of Jesus resurrection on Orthodox Easter sometime different of Protestant Easter date the, a miracle happens year by year, Holy Light is coming from the sky on the ceremony done by Patriarch of Jerusalem, Leader of First Church in the World. On one year Armenians asked the political leader to move orthodox people outside the Church, at that time Protestantism and the debates of today didn’t exists, and the political leader agreed but said if the Holy Light will not come to you you need to eat some smelly things. So the Holy Light come to Orthodox Christians .This is history of Holy Light:
This is a movie about Holy Light in around 2000 and the priest on my Church saw it in reality and you can see it too.In the movie you can see Holy Light under middle gate in this:
2.When Jesus was baptized Jordan river moved backward to show that nature listens to God. Every year on Orthodox date of Jesus baptism when the Patriarch of First Church in the World does a ceremony, Jordan river moves backward from the time the Patriarch throws the cross in the water to the time cross is taken outside the water. Here is the movie and you can see water moving one direction and then cross moving the other way:
3.On Orthodox Date of Transfiguration a cloud comes to Mount Tabor.
4.Angels are present when priests give Food for Eternal life to people in Orthodox Church, look in following movie at 2:38 and 2:40:
5.Orthodox Priests with Holy Spirit received at ordination, through prayer transform normal water in Holy Water changing molecular movement of molecules from Brownian to other movement and Water resists for years. Actually God is doing all these miracles.
6.Saint bodies stream myrrh
7.Prophets, miracle workers, people walking on water, levitation, seeing anywhere in Earth, apparitions after death and much much
8. At my grandpas death ceremony food started to grow by itself.
9. Holy Trinity , Jesus, Holy Mother of God is speaking today with many people in Orthodox World

Yes, I’m certain the Russians have made the effort to scan all their news archives from half a century ago and make them available on the Internet.

So if someone came on here giving a story about a giant werewolf rampaging around Mexico City in the 1950’s, killing hundreds and forcing the city into lockdown, a person would be foolish to ask for some evidence to back up the claim? Especially given that, relatively speaking, it supposedly happened so recently?

There is nothing wrong with morality tales, but using an obviously falsifiable event and then acting as if people are stupid for questioning it to prove a point makes faith look silly.

Now now, roll your eyes back down. :thumbsup:

Like only in Communist Russia.
How many times did you see Holy Light , or Jordan river moving back, or cloud on Mount Tabor coming annually, or Holy Water changing molecular movement making the NEWS?
That made me think we need to own some newspapers and TV stations.

He asked for a link to a news article. Do you think it is reasonable to expect the Russians to spend the money to put their news archives online? If they did, do you think they would also provide English translations of the same? It is far more likely that this will have been published in a book documenting the miracles of Saint Nicholas in Russia. A book title and date of publication is far more likely to exist than links to Russian news archives. Not everything is on the Internet, nor is everything on the Internet reliable. I was only commenting on the source people demand for evidence these days, not mocking the request for evidence :smiley:


Hi John,

Okay that makes sense. I misunderstood the “thrust” of your comment. Sorry about that.

No I would not expect the Russians to put ALL of their news online. But I would expect the people that saw this happen would have pictures and news accounts (local) of it and I would certainly expect the church to spend the money to put it online. We have a thread that has already discussed the miracle of the holy fire. No evidence there either.

If you can’t find it in non-religious websites but only in religious websites, there is a good chance it is false. But if it is such a new story, discovery, or whatnot that only certain websites carry it, than it is reasonable that only certain websites carry it. Still, the truth vindicates what is true and shames what is false, so seek the truth, and submit to it, in every matter.

What do you mean no evidence on Holy Fire. Many people saw it and I hear from a prist saying he saw it. Here is a movie, look under the middle gate:

50 years ago the Church in Russia was fighting for its life under Communist persecution. The Church in Russia provided more martyrs under Communism than all the martyrs of the Early Church combined.

We have a thread that has already discussed the miracle of the holy fire. No evidence there either.

Ah, another Catholic who dismisses the testimony of one of their Popes.


You mean like Doritos?

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