The pill and IUD

I am totally amazed by the number of prolifers who think it’s perfectly okay to use the pill or an IUD. This is particularly prevelent among non-Catholics - but it exists among RC’s as well. Somehow they think that using abortificient birth control is preferential to having an abortion. It’s the same darn thing. Read the fine print in the insert. Educate yourself. Don’t participate in the culture of death.


There are a lot of ignorant people in the world John.

The pill is a little theoretical when it comes to how it works, since there are different formulations and the two primary methods of action are suppression of ovulation and sperm transport. The thinning of the endometrium may or may not inhibit implantation and no one knows if it’s doing that or not. (Of course it’s moot from the Catholic POV since all contraception is intrinsically evil).

But the IUD is straight up abortifacient and I think it’s just plain ignorance. Saw an IUD commercial on TV the other night and it was like a La-La-Land musical number. My husband didn’t even know what it was advertising until I told him.

Well, once a Catholic has crossed the Rubicon into contraception, they have already done the rationalizing.

Actually, most I know aren’t even aware of how it works. In fact doctors will tell you they don’t really know how IUDs work. Um, what?? It’s just a mysterious piece of magical plastic floating around your uterus I guess.

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I know just in my family 2 women who got pregnant with the IUD and I won’t share the specifics but they lost their babies. Sad.


I’m so sorry!

My Goddaughter was conceived with an IUD and it’s a risky but necessary procedure to remove it while pregnant. Hers was successfully removed but the doctor pointed out that it had to be removed and a miscarriage was possible. It’s tragic when that happens though I imagine some women are glad as they were using it prevent pregnancy in the first place. My friend gladly accepted the pregnancy was quite pleased with result of a beautiful daughter (me, too!).

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IUDs can also migrate. I have a non-Catholic friend who wanted hers removed because she and her husband wanted another child and the doctor couldn’t find it.

After numerous tests it was located resting up against her spine and she had to have surgery to remove it. She had no idea something like that could happen.

That’s downright SCARY!!


It seems to be a kind of selective blindness.

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Most people are selectively blind about, and work hard to self-justify, whatever sin they personally choose to commit.


However, there are also a lot of people who are ignorant, and not of necessity willfully.

Hormonal IUDs work through the same mechanisms as the pill. Copper IUD works by creating a hostile environment to the sperm (by causing a low-grade inflammation in the uterus which triggers the woman’s immune system). Whether it also can prevent implantation is unsure.

My comments here stem from a prolife chat group on Facebook where some people are absolutely adamant that the pill is preferential to abortion. I’ve literally banged my head against the wall trying to explain to people that the pill can cause abortion. That they should read the fine print of the medical insert included with all pharmaceutical products.

And horrors of horrors, some prolife members of the group resort to saying it is their body and so they can do what they want. That’s the same worn out rhetoric associated with the anti-life movement.

Educate yourself. The pill is abortificient. I’m not making this stuff up.


Yes, please do. Please read about the invention of the pill.

Of course if you think Planned Parenthood simply spouts lies, pick another source.

Particularly focus on Dr. John Rock.

The do. They are an abortion industry. There primary money making endeavour is abortion procurement.

Can a woman take the pill if it is to regularize her monthly cycle? If so, is she supposed to abstain from relations or not?

Thanks to whomever answers according to Catholic teaching.

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