The place where John Kasich went from being ‘Pope’ to consensus politician


Kasich’s refuge was his church on the hill, called Mother of Sorrows.

As Kasich entered the fourth grade, he put on a black cassock, slipped a white hip-length garment on top, and headed to a new calling to serve as an altar boy. His dream, he told friends, was to be a priest. In this area where most people were Catholic, such dreams were not unusual, and often they didn’t last long. But Kasich seemed different. He would be celibate, leading a flock, with religion always at the forefront. His friends were convinced that the priesthood was Kasich’s life course, and many thought he was aiming even higher.

They nicknamed him “Pope.” Eventually, even the head priest at Mother of Sorrows, the Rev. Joseph Farina, called him that.


A very inspirational story, stories like this would make him my first pick and I posted another story on him about 2 weeks ago. He lost his parents in a car crash when a drunk driver struck them. Kasich was not in the car.

It is too bad we often don’t really get the full story on a man, Dr. Carson is another one with such a story.

I also posted where Kasich ended up meeting President Nixon in the oval office and there is a story to that as well, in this forum somewhere.


He’s an Anglican now.




And of the …

"Guess what?! I went to a gay wedding!"

… stream of thought there as well. :nope: (sigh)

(My synopsis of his earlier quote from an earlier GOP debate may not be word for word accurate - but most will get the idea).


This situation is hard to judge and the gay marriage thing was brought up per Kasich.

Anyway, from Pennsylvania where he grew up, it sounds very much like where Pistol Pete Maravich and a few others might have as well, the general area at least.




The fact that he’s from the 'Rocks might be enough for him to get my vote. If he’s still in by the time we have our primary.


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