The Plague of Paganism

Good synopsis of why the world is in so much trouble today.

I noticed something too about that. A lot of Pagans seem to favor all sorts of immorality to include homosexual behavior, acceptance of abortion and all other sorts…

Yes, I think it’s called the slippery slope. Once you eject God from your life, anything goes…

Listen, being Catholic, I do believe in what the Church teaches, but I do not believe in spreading falsehoods either. Wicca has one major rule they live by and that is basicly whatever you do will come back to you three times. There is no human sacrifice, and there is no unlimited sex. It’s kind of hard to have unlimited sex without hurting someone, and Wiccans don’t want to hurt people because they don’t want that coming back to them. Now there may be some bad ones out there, but that is not all of them. I have met Christians who beleived it was okay to steal or to beat people up, or to have abortions, and all manner of things, but that is not what Christianity teaches. Just because a few “wiccans” might be evil does not mean we need to spread PROPAGANDA telling lies about what their belief system is. It is wrong. Take the time to get to know a few pagans. The few people I know who use the word “pagan” or “wiccan” to describe themselves generally lead very very moral lives. No, they don’t have the fullness of truth because they do not have Jesus, but we cannot say that because they believe different than us that they sacrifice humans. That sort of website is made to scare people and either it is outright lying or got its information confused. I hope it got its information confused since it has the label Catholic on it. Be careful what you are reading is the truth.

Pick up a book on Wicca if you are interested in what they believe, but trust me, they do not have unlimited sex or sacrifice people, and not every single one of them worships nature. Some do, some don’t.

Please, Please, if you are going to spread something, make sure it’s the truth…

We are not showing God’s love to our neighbor by spouting lies about them. We should at least learn what they do believe so that we can better share the fullness of truth with them.

I don’t consider Paganism as man being above all, I consider Paganism a worship of many gods (or godesses). Secularism is what I believe is running rampant. The belief that there may or may not be a God, but who cares if there is. A belief that the self is the most important thing in the universe. The lukewarmness of mankind is what I consider running rampant today. Sure there is Paganism and it can be dangerous, just like any other religion, but lack of religion or lack of concern for religion is doing the most serious harm in today’s society. All people can fall into this category, including Christians. I fell into this category and stayed there for over 10 years. Thankfully I am back in the Church but the pressure to follow the rest of the world still lurks heavily around us and unless we are closed up in a monastary somewhere we have to learn to survive secularism and the fruits it bears.


I dated a wiccan before becoming a revert. Believe, me, they believe in unlimited sex. And if you check out their websites, it becomes painfully obvious that they do believe in that. You may also want to google Africa and human sacrifice and witchcraft, and see what pops up.

African religions, even the ones you call witchcraft, have nothing to do with Wicca.

Um, the Neo-Pagan that favor abortion and acceptance of homosexual behavior came from the Neo-Pagans or pagans themselves. It came from their own lips.

Whether or not all the Pagans or Wiccan feel this way or share this belief is unknown. Some might not and some might not believe in it.

What catholicbible101 knows about wicca and occult in general can fit on the head of a pin.Human sacrifice? please!

Paganism we see today varies. Not all of them are universal. I think this article might enlighten some of you what modern paganism is.

I will state this though. Modern paganism like Wicca is not the same paganism that date prior to Christianity. Many of the Early Christians converts were former pagans and many of the style of worships and doctrines were losts.

The modern paganism today is more like Protestant Denominations with different set of beliefs and practices.

Lots of human sacrifice going on today…50 million abortions since 1973. Archbishop Sheen once met a wiccan on a plane, according to Father Corapi. She told Archbishop Sheen that she was fasting for more abortions. So either Father Corapi is a liar, or Archbishop Sheen is. But I doubt it.

I take great offense to that.

…"First, the stories I collected add up to a giant neon sign saying “Stay away from witchcraft” and other occult practices. When I asked exorcists if witchcraft is a gateway to more serious demonic activity, they were incredulous. Gateway? It’s directly dealing with the demonic! Nearly everyone they treat has been exposed in some way to Ouija boards, spells, hexes, “white magic,” or tarot cards – the stuff your local chain bookstore fills its shelves with because it sells so well.

Hey, AJ, you’re Undecided. Does that mean you’re a Protestant version of my Catholic Uncertainty? :stuck_out_tongue:

From the article: “No, it is a VERY dark world we live in, where evil is seen as good, and good is seen as evil” (Isaiah 5:20).

That is EXACTLY what’s happening. Those who defend morals are scorned for being too “old-fashioned” and “homophobic.” Isaiah hit it right on the head. There has been a reversal of good and evil in many ways.

Nah, I’m not in the Christian fold. I’m undecided as to what religion I am. I just try to keep an open mind and keep trying to find answers. That’s why I’ve come to

No, it was a joke. How can you be undecided and a Protestant at the same time? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha, well I’m not a Protestant so I think I make up for it.

The article is almost completely incoherent. One minute it’s talking about atheism, and the next about Wicca. The author’s definition of “paganism” is tendentious–made up to prove a polemical point. I can’t see any value in this article at all.


There weren’t many wiccans around in Fr. Sheen’s day.

according to Father Corapi. She told Archbishop Sheen that she was fasting for more abortions. So either Father Corapi is a liar, or Archbishop Sheen is. But I doubt it.

No lying is necessary. The story could easily have become garbled. Who knows what kind of practitioner of witchcraft this woman was, or what she meant. And given the number of Archbishop Sheen stories floating around in Catholic circles, I want more evidence than you have provided. Fr. Corapi may well have accepted uncritically what someone else told him Bishop Sheen said. If Bishop Sheen really told this story, it should be possible to point to the book or article or recorded sermon in which he did this.


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