The Planets by Gustav Holst. Is it okay to play?


Hey all. I just started listening to The Planets recently and I researched about it and it was based on the Astrological aspects and not Astronomy. I know horoscopes and Astrology (the idolatry side) are bad. But Holst only went as far as the Astrology suggested it. For example, Mars subtitled “ The Bringer of War” was linked to the God of War or something like that, so he made a war-like piece and that was it. I’m not sure if I’m clear but my question is if it’s ok to listen and play the music from The Planets. Thanks! And God Bless


Yes, it is fine…


Can give any reasons to explain why it’s okay?


Yes. It’s wonderful music.

The Hym “O God Beyond All Praising” comes from the middle section of the “Jupiter” movement in Holst’s orchestral suite, The Planets (1914-1916)


Yes, yes I can


Why would you think it’s not?


Yup! It’s really beautiful and my Church sings it for the opening hymn but Catholic lyrics


There is absolutely nothing even mildly questionable about The Planets. Including Mars, the Bringer of War.

I sometimes wonder why humans seem to sit around manufacturing problems for themselves.


It’s okay because there is absolutely no reason at all why it shouldn’t be okay.


I have not nearly enough likes for this.
(And now I’m going to pull The Planets up on Spotify )



Um, because there’s nothing immoral about listening to excellent modern classical music?

I mean, do we have to now explain why benign stuff is okay? Like, I’m eating ice cream right now, do I have to explain why that isn’t a sin?


Some “ Old Fashioned Astrology was used for Farmers or something but Horoscopes I know are bad.


I’m skeptical because it was based on Astrology


Stop. This level of nitpicking is veering to scrupulously.


That’s some nice gluttony you’ve got there. Just kidding don’t hate me. I’m gonna go get some myself now


Holst was using astrological concepts as an art form, not to predict the future. It’s fine.

The Vatican has the zodiac painted on a ceiling. It’s art. The Pope doesn’t run out and do divination with it.


Now listening to Mars, Bringer of War.


No, it was based on the legends of ancient Greece and Rome, which are part of the foundation of Western civilization and are worthy of our admiration and of being incorporated into artistic endeavors.


I always get a kick out of thinking of the young Frank Zappa out in that boring suburban part of California where he grew up, listening to The Planets.


Leonard Bernstein did it the best.

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