The point of a "Cultural Catholic"?


“One of those is that I have a very broad definition of what it means to be “a Catholic.” One can be religious, secular, or on-again-off-again and still very much be Catholic. It’s your identifier and could once again, at some later time, be your label once more and that I will be saved no matter what”?


I believe that once you are baptised or confirmed Catholic you are always Catholic. Being Catholic does not guarantee you will reach salvation. as Catholics we are requested to “work out our salvation with fee and trembling.”


But how can one be considered Catholic if they do not support the Dogmas and teachings of the Church. Would they not be out of unity with the Church?

Say like Senator Kerry who professes he is Catholic but fights for abortion?


Catholic comes from the Greek, kata+holos: according to the whole.

So, one is either totally Catholic, or not a Catholic at all…


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