The Political Fallout of Barton's BP Apology

Rep. Joe Barton’s fellow Republicans quickly denounced his apology to BP, forcing Barton to retract the controversial statement, but the political damage has been done. Democrats, eager to move climate change legislation and to demonstrate action against BP and the Gulf oil spill, have seized on Barton’s bizarre apology. Here are the political repercussions.

* Reveals Ideological Problem for GOP on Oil Spill  The Washington Post's Karen Tumulty explains, "To some Republicans, their defense of the oil industry has more to do with their belief in free enterprise and their wariness of regulation. The debate over drilling has been a core part of their argument for less government. This may not be the best moment to be making that argument, either."

* Dems Have Their 'Republican Villain'  Politico's Jonathan Allen and Jake Sherman write, "In the blink of an eye, Texas Rep. Joe Barton handed Democrats just what they wanted: a Republican villain in the oil spill crisis. ... It would have been bad enough for the GOP if a backbencher had accidentally strayed wildly off message, but Barton, the top Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, is the face of the party on energy policy — and his comments were intentional. So rather than talking about BP’s culpability and the Obama administration’s response, Washington was fixated on a Texas Republican’s seemingly tone-deaf comments."

Former BP CEO Lord Browne, the scandalized Jewish homosexual , who is so corrupt that his board membership with the vile international mining concern Rio Tinto pales in comparison to his penny-pinching neglect for humanity, ecology, and decency which directly led to the disaster in our beautiful, bountiful Gulf Coast, must be laughing while lounging in his silk pajamas, as servile and exploited boys, arrayed about him, cater to his each and every foul whim. He is untouchable, and he knows it.

Apologize to likes of that sort of degenerate?! Are you serious?! These guys must really feel protected by an unseen (and dark) hand. They act with impunity because they have bought outright the system which is charged with prosecuting such scoundrels as they.

Alas, for the decent citizenry, it is like being paralyzed while watching a loved one being raped before one’s own eyes. It is unsettling. And it is becoming the norm.

Apologize?! Preposterous! Browne should be brought to the United States and face legitimate criminal charges that should land him in prison for the rest of his life. He is a “gilded criminal”, but a criminal no less. These times are maddening. It is like the evil forces are engaged in legerdemain, and the audience (the people) are utterly mesmerized. We need to snap out of it…fast!

Well, maybe.

It could also be, however, that the American people will (and perhaps have) realize how ruinous cap and trade will be in terms of prices they have to pay for everything, loss of jobs, unwillingness of potential employers to hire, inability to adequately heat their houses in the winter. If this is or becomes clear to Americans, Barton’s dumb gaffe won’t amount to a thimbleful of warm spit, no matter what politicians or pundits think about it right now.

Barton should go the way of the Dixie Chicks.
Chicks apologized for USA in a foreign country.
Barton apologized to a foreign country in the USA.
Chicks were run off of radio and concert stages.
Barton should be reprimanded by Congress and then run out of office by his constituients.
Won’t happen though. Unless Toby Keith writes a song about it. What are the chances?

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