The Political Left is Ruining Sports

“It’s not easy to root for a team when their politics are so in your face. Knowing the views of the U.S. women’s soccer team made it harder for me to enjoy the World Cup. Yes, I wanted the team to win since they represent my country, but it was clear that other than that, they didn’t represent me. Thus, I was conflicted watching the games, because if they didn’t do well then we wouldn’t need to talk about their politics any more.”


Yes, I wish sports were about sports and not political at all. Same for other celebrities. I don’t know or want to know your politics. Just play the game, or play the part or sing the song, that’s what I am there for.


I agree.
There are lots of reasons that sports can or should be a launching pad for social and political change.

But I like sports to be sports. An athlete’s politics are irrelevant to me. I don’t really care what lifestyle Rapinoe leads, and “you” can’t make me care. The only thing that matters is what happens between the lines.

As for not having to talk about the politics if they lost—that wouldn’t have happened. It was going to be a topic no matter what.

From the opposite side, Tiger Woods took a lot of flack for not being political.


Couldn’t care less about any sports’ players’ politics. And for some reason, women’s sports always seems to get way more politicized than men’s. It’s a big reason why I don’t watch most women’s sports.

Check your politics at the door, I’m here to watch a ball game.


You mis-spelled “Everything”. :slight_smile:


Sports men and women, musicians, actors etc are entitled to their own opinions on politics, as we all are, but if I went into my work and used it as a platform to promote my own political viewpoints to a wider audience I’d be sacked.


Activists love:

  1. Soapboxes
  2. Blathering on about their ideologies

Activists hate:

  1. Shutting up.

No problem with them bringing their own soap boxes to a public park or other public space in their own time, standing on it and giving their political views to whoever wants to stop and listen.


The political left ruins everything they touch😠


Sports attract competitive people.

Competitive people compete in more than just sports.

If you do not want people to compete, don’t watch sports.

Lots of people hate:

  1. Shutting up.

Sorry, but your logic there is faulty.

Yes its like turning on the History Channel and getting a basketball game instead of History show


Imagine the reverse - instead of Politics ruining Sports, imagine Sports ruining Politics

Politicians would start pitching their favorite teams instead of arguing policy, causing firestorm debate in congress over which team is best.

Nobody would ever watch a 4 hour Congressional hearing again. When I tune into C-Span I expect to hear about the various sections in the legislative code with respect to new labor laws and not who your favorite football player is, thank you.


this is why I stick to equestrian sports… men and women compete equally for the same money. And I’ve never heard anyone make a political comment at an awards ceremony or in the winner’s circle.


That sort of caught my eye. Since all my favorite teams, and there are only a handful, play on another continent entirely I’ve never thought of them as ‘representing me’. I was about to put out the England flag for this Cup semi-final until I heard they were playing the U.S. so I dared not fly it in the face of my Californian wife. LOL

But in general I never listen to post game interviews or celebratory speeches after a grand victory. All that matters to me is that Manchester United get back to their winning ways, and I have no interest in any of the player’s political opinions, sexual orientations, social initiatives, or pay scale advice. For me it is nothing more than entertainment and I don’t lose sleep over one of “my teams” either winning or losing a lot of games. :slight_smile:

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Some would say that sports has been ruining itself for the past several years, or perhaps more accurately, the antics of some of the participants have been ruining sports.


Oh, whatever.


Was that adressed to me?

Let’s try history.

Chariots of Fire told a story of religion/politics at the 1924 Olympics.
1936 Berlin Olympics were not political at all, not even Jesse Owens.
1940s when Jackie Robinson played for the Dodgers, no one ever talked about politics.
In the 60s there was no politics, not even when Ali was arrested for dodging the draft nor when american medalwinners raised their fists.
No politics to mention at the 1980 or 1984 Olympics.

Why would anybody think sports is going to be free of political discussions?


The same can be said of the right or any other political ideology, depending on your viewpoint.


I mean it is the same for all forms of celebrity where they think their fame or skill set makes them a political power. It is anti American in practice because the more fame or money you have the louder your political voice and power. That is not exactly By the people, for the people.
As far as soccer it’s fan base is generally counter culturally liberal in America. And then in some sports there is a high minority presence that gains political power. Some of these have historically been needed in times of the fight for equality or justice or wartime issues. But now, it is just a way to gain popularity and the spotlight.
If you need any proof, Rappino lives in a progressive country where women are encouraged to play sports up to and including free collegiate education. Colin Kaepernick was a hero growing up in his local town and in college in Reno never had to worry about “law enforcement” Not to mention his extremely upper middle class white upbringing.

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