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As a former Catholic, I would not return to the church in light of the Pope Francis, approving adultery (if you question me, read the book), flirting with proposals to bless gay marriages, telling atheists to not convert and one that took me by surprise, telling Catholics to not breed like “rabbits”.

Since when can a pope be in favor of breaking a commandment? Is the Catholicism still standing with traditional marriage between a man and woman?

How do you liberal Catholics feel about any of this? How do you conservative Catholics feel?


Personally, I think we have had better Popes. Obviously, we have had worse too. Some folks might chalk up Francis’ talk to a biased media, and I think that is partially true. However, Francis has been Pope for a while, and by now he should have learned a thing or two about guarding what he says. So far, no go. I have come to the realization that he is no Pope Benedict in terms of how he looks at the Faith. However, a Pope saying something does not make it true. That only occurs when he speaks Ex Cathedra. One should take note of what he says, but one does not have to agree until he pronounces it from the Chair.


I’m Catholic because it’s the Church Christ started.

It might look stormy now, but Jesus is in control and He has already won.

And I trust in the Immaculate Heart of Mary to fight with and for us.


Agreed. He is not the worst Pope by any means, certainly not the best. I think it is sad he is Pope at this point in time, coming after Benedict and John Paul II. He is a staunch liberal, or fiercely set against the traditionalists anyway. Not particularly imaginative or original. Anti traditional liturgy, plus pretty basic Jesuit left wing social justice stuff. Hates dogma. That is the Church of Francis. He does genuinely love the poor, not so sure about the rich. But I think most of the recent Popes have managed to love the poor, for heaven’s sake. One would hope. I do think, perhaps inevitably, Catholicism has gone the way of Anglicanism in terms of differing factions, polarization. The coterie or advisors of Francis are more of a problem than the man himself. But I don’t think he is without blame in terms of causing the tensions, conflicts. In addition, for me, he just exposed a lot of fault lines in Catholicism that were already there, way beyond him as Pope. I just ended up looking at everything more closely, critically, because of him, beyond him. I’ve been there before. It took quite a leap of faith to get past all that the first time.


For sure, Pope FI is the worst pope of the last 100 years. Since in the Counter Reformation the Catholic Church has over emphasized the papacy (at time ultramontanist, currently neo ultramontanist), Pope FI certainly makes the case for Catholicism difficult for conservative Christians. Of course, the milquetoast and heretical Christians are awestruck by Pope FI, but they do not regard conversion to Catholicism necessary or desirable, as all faiths are equal to them. Besides, the Church has plenty of these in it already.


Dude, you have exactly no clue what you’re talking about.

Pope Francis has done none of the above though anti-Catholics like you love to try to impugn him with such trash.

Nothing has changed in Catholic teaching and your allegation is speciously false. You can’t even supply an authentic source where Pope Francis has said or done any such thing.

You should be ashamed of yourself telling lies like that.

As for saying we have had better popes…I’m pretty sure that Pope Francis will agree, but I happen to think he’s doing a sight better job than any of his critics deserve.


From NPR Jan 20 2015:
“On his return trip from Asia, Pope Francis made strong statements
supporting the church’s ban on artificial means of birth control. He
also said Catholics should practice “responsible parenthood” and don’t
have to breed “like rabbits.” Speaking with reporters on a
flight Monday from the Philippines to Rome, Francis encouraged the use
of church-approved contraception. The National Catholic Reporter says Francis
"made what appears to be an unprecedented statement that Catholics may
have a moral responsibility to limit the number of their children.” It
describes the pope’s remarks this way: "Telling
the story of a woman he met in a parish in Rome several months ago who
had given birth to seven children via cesarean section and was pregnant
with an eighth, Francis asked: ‘Does she want to leave the seven
orphans?’ " ‘This is to tempt God,’ he said, adding later:
‘That is an irresponsibility.’ Catholics, the pope said, should speak of
’responsible parenthood.’ " ‘How do we do this?’ Francis asked. ‘With dialogue. Each person with his pastor seeks how to do that responsible parenthood.’ "
‘God gives you methods to be responsible,’ he continued. ‘Some think
that — excuse the word — that in order to be good Catholics we have to
be like rabbits. No.’ " "


Actually, it is only under Francis that Catholics have openly begun to question questions of divorce and remarriage…and only because of Francis’ express actions and words, not least his frankly petulant refusal to answer the polite questions of the “dubia” cardinals.

The Amoris Laetitia controversy is not going way…it is getting worse, and only because the pope refuses to clarify the matter.

Is he the worst pope of the last century? I think such comparisons are ultimately unhelpful…but this pontificate has arguably been disastrous.


I would like to see CT back up the accusations they have made as well


He can’t because there’s no such action. It’s just a crock of a-C propaganda. I reported his OP.


Well, I provided a reference for the “breeding like rabbits” quote. Let’s see what else we can find…


The “breeding like rabbits” quote was such an embarrassment.


Yeah. Although NPR is trying to sway opinion (Church-approved contraception, really?) Pope Francis could have used a much better ‘example’. Or he could have just said nothing at all. Is it just me, or is is slightly offensive to folks with large families to be referred to as “rabbits”.

He is correct in a sense but, nuance, please your Holiness.


pope francis is in complete agreement with Roman Catholic Church teachings related to sexuality, as well as with divorce and re-marriage.

pope francis is an excellent pope, clearly of the same standard if not above the standard of the last, many popes. he is a holy man with a deep spirituality and spiritual life.

the RCC teaches that it is permissible to practice natural family planning in marriage.

the RCC teaches and has always taught that a married couple should have no more children than the number for whom they can responsibly care.

the “breeding like rabbits” statement was his holiness using the words of those who attack the RCC’s teachings on marriage and human sexuality to refute them. it was early in his papacy and he was still not aware of how those who hate Jesus and His Church will misuse the words of the pope to try and destroy souls. pope francis has become more retrospect in his language since then


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