'The poor are lying, drug-abusing illegitimates': Catholic priest's astonishing attack on homeless

Would this priest be viewed as being dissident and going against the church’s teachings? Very strange.


*An outspoken Catholic priest has launched an astonishing attack on the poor by labeling them ‘lying, drug-abusing illegitimates’.

Father Ray Blake wrote a furious blog denouncing the homeless, in an online post titled, ‘The Trouble With The Poor’.

He describes the poor as being ‘lying and messy’ people sent by God to test his faith.

Father Blake goes on to claim that one homeless man who regularly turned up at his church pleading for money was ‘an irritating little bastard’.

He accused the beggar of making a mess of his prayers as he passed his cap around his congregation looking for cash.

The controversial Catholic cleric said: 'The trouble with the poor is that they are messy.*

I don’t think the message is that we shouldn’t care for the poor. His style is sloppy but I think I get his point. The poor are messy, they are lost, some will lie and steal, many are in hopeless situations. When we see the poor though, it should remove us from our comfort zone. We are called to make ourselves the neighbor of all. We can only become the neighbor of the poor by removing ourselves from our comfort zone. We should place ourself in the messy situations and help them even if they appear beyond help. I think that was more his point.

Maybe I’m misreading it but here is his blog post.


ETA: After a second reading I’m convinced that the writer of the yahoo article didn’t even read the blog. Seems like an obvious attempt at making the Church look bad.

It sounds like he is dealing mainly with the homeless. They are exasperating. I deal with this element in my job as an ER nurse. They abuse the system and can be very manipulative. Yes, there is a huge hygiene lack in this segment of the population.

He sounds burnt out. Perhaps he’s stationed in an inner city parish? Maybe he can get a transfer to the suburbs for a change of scene.:shrug:

The priest’s blog post mentioned in the article is about not getting complacent even when we are frustrated or annoyed and is here:

The author of the news article doesn’t understand the blog post and seems to have an issue with the priest. They are misinterpreting what he is saying. He isn’t here to defend himself. So in compliance with forum rules:

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There was a recent thread in this section in regards to a article critiquing Fr. Ray and his blog entry regarding the homeless, the thread was thusly shut down for being one sided, and Fr. Ray is not around on here to defend himself… So I started to wonder why not contact Fr. Ray and see if he could get in contact with CAF , then I realized wait a minute, it is a comment on a blog, so it has to be online, an I found it, an sure enough the person who wrote the article took everything out of context to suit his own agenda.

the blog is here for those interested.


scroll down just a lil an you will find a blog entry to the article in question that the author created, then go down to the bottom of the page an you should find the actual blog in question with comments that Fr. Ray responded to a few.

I did not find any truth in what Bill Gardner has wrote in regards to Fr. Ray especially after taking the time to read what Fr. Ray wrote and commented back to people.

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