The Pope and his "Luxurious" life?


This was off topic elsewhere and so I opened this to address these allegations.

Hot news flash for you. You need to look into the Pope’s actual lifestyle. You have no idea what you are talking about.

WHERE in the bible does Christ direct Paul to create a multimillion dollar building (The Vatican- where many died in the production of).

I imagine that some people have indeed died during the centuries that the Vatican was under construction, but so what? I don’t know of any who perished as slave labor or anything weird like that. Just because someone dies while working on a project doesn’t make it morally wrong. If that were true then you could indict a great many edifices that have been built throughout history. :rolleyes:

HOW in the world do you get the “pope” from “on this rock I build my church.”?

I suggest that you read some of the following articles that deal with this. Church & Papacy

I feel that Catholics are assuming divinity when it is not expressed in Scripture.

You feel wrong then.

Nowhere in Catholic teaching will you find any such thing. That kind of rhetoric is generally only found among people who have some kind of anti-Catholic agenda. (not attributing that you you BTW because I figure it’s just something that you’ve heard.)

And WHERE does he get the ability to “bless” people?

The same place that you do.

Go back in your Bible and look up all the people who blessed others like the story of Esau and Jacob and the blessing (that is often quoted today) that Moses used in Numbers 6:22-27.


I found that statement kind of strange myself. Wonder if he knows how many men died in the construction of the Golden Gate bridge or the Empire State building?


During the centuries when many great gothic cathedrals were built, the new architectural techniques allowed churches to be built with high windows and stained glass to let in light. Towns spent many decades building their churches; I’m sure there were injuries and lives lost in construction. But the desire to build beautiful structures for worship is a good impulse, not a bad one.

There is an innate connection between worship, beauty, and art. If there is not, there is something wrong.


30 people fell to their deaths building the Golden Gate Bridge.

During planning stages of the Empire State Building the construction death toll was estimated to be one worker per floor, or over 100 workers overall. However, only 14 lost their lives during construction.


Yes, I found the question posted off topic in another thread to be rather loaded.

First, as I understand it Pope JP II lived rather simply in his papal apartment. Yes, I am sure the Popes have nice clothes but give me a break. Catholics would not be happy to see the guy representing them in rags either. He has a role to play in representing the church and Christ as any Head of State (etc) would.

I rather doubt the OP on the other thread runs around in rags either, avoids modern conveniences (such as DVD’s, CD’s and so on) and buys everything used and as cheap as possible.

On top of that…let’s look at the far more extravagant lifestyle of people like Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, (woman whose name escapes me but came to the attention of the Senate Hearings) and on and on.

If you attack the decorations of the Vatican…again give me a break. Built over centuries. Might want to take a look at many of the large US churches with their Latte shops in the Church and so on. The Vatican is a cultural treasure for centuries. These mega churches have self indulgent attachments that will age quickly (like the Latte machines).

The Roman Catholic Church has done more than any other denomination to spread Christianity, preserve the bible and in places like the USA and Canada to bring education and medical care to millions. There were communities in the US and Canada where if it were not for the Catholic religious orders there would have been no hospital. These people endured amazing hardship and suffering to bring the love of Christ in practical form to millions.


The Vatican goes into debt every year for human relief.

St. Peter’s may be beautiful, but isn’t it right to give glory to God? When Jesus and the apostles found thieves among the Temple, did they say “let’s go somewhere else?” No, they got furious. Rightly so. The Temple rightly honored God. When the woman was to anoint Jesus’ feet with oil, did he say “sell it and use the money to help the poor?” No, he let the woman honor him. Rightly so, he is the son of God.


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