The Pope hat is a fish god?


I have a few people who think the Popes hat is like a fish god hat… can someone explain?
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Hmm simple , it’s a hat, not a fish god. But you do know Jesus has a fish symbol. Fisher of men


Well done!

The fish symbol is often used by Protestants also.


I think you’ll find your question was answered on this earlier thread:



I’ve been following your threads and it looks like you are getting hammered pretty hard by your friends, for being Catholic.

I thought I would post a few resources that might help you out. Most of them can be downloaded and listened to while you are doing other things.

These are the resources that have helped me and I continue to listen to every free moment of my day.

These three podcasts, which can be downloaded to your phone, are very helpful

Catholic Answers Live
Called to Communion
Open Line Monday

This website has a ton of MP3 downloads

When your ready for the deep deep theology go here

Some MP3’s I’ve purchased from this website…

There’s is so much more info out there to help, but this should get you started for a few months.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you do much! Its kinda like im being hammered but at the same time i think they are curious about being Catholic. They are 14 and 12 but are very smart. They used to try to convince me that Catholic is wrong and there religion or what they believe is right. Most of the time i would have no comeback, but more recently I have them wondering or at least thinking that being Catholic isn’t what they interpreted it being.


Domed headgear was a sign of authority in the ancient world and was used by a variety of cultures. It generally symbolized the importance and greatness of the will/mind/soul/person it sat upon. Variants can be seen dating all the way back to the Hedjet, or White Crown of Upper Egypt, worn by the Pharaoh Namer around 3150 BC. The modern mitre or papal tiara evolved from the Byzantine variant of this type of headdress which was worn in the Roman Imperial Court. Through the Edict of Thessolonica in 380 AD, the Church was made the official state religion of the Roman Empire. As such, all bishops officially became part of the Byzantine Imperial Court and were granted permission to wear the headdress as a symbol of their political office. Gradually, the Church changed the headdress to distinguish itself as a religious authority rather than a civil one. One of the most famous of these styles which came about before the modern mitre was the two domed hat worn by bishops and abbots in the high middle ages to signify both the religious and civil authority they possess (top row, center). Eventually the domes came to a point and it was turned a quarter of a turn to put the points in the front and back, leading to what we have today.


Thank you for all the information


Not a fish god.


That’s quite an image! I wonder what type of fish merits such a title. :thinking:


I’d use the Socratic Method. I mean, I’d ask such non-Catholic Christians if they worship a bird god, since the Holy Spirit who descended on Christ was in the form of a dove. Or ask them if they worship a sheep god, since Christ is described as the Lamb of God by St. John the Baptist and in Revelation.

If they say, “No,” then ask why they think wearing a hat means that! Right?


Probably something from the same genus as angelfish . . .



Let’s just hope it’s not related to the devil fish!



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