The Pope is a Fundamentalist?

By now I should not be surprised by the ignorance of atheists. I had assumed, for example, that the atheist obsession with Christian Fundamentalism was a rhetorical device to paint all Christians with the views a a small minority. But apparently Richard Dawkins really believes that the Pope is a Fundamentalist.

During a wide-ranging discussion the Archbishop also said that he believed that human beings had evolved from non-human ancestors but were nevertheless “in the image of God”.

He also said that the explanation for the creation of the world in the Book of Genesis could not be taken literally.

“The writers of the Bible, inspired as I believe they were, they were nonetheless not inspired to do 21st Century physics,” he said.

When Prof Dawkins suggested that he believed the Pope took a rather more literal interpretation of the origins of humans, the Archbishop joked: “I will ask him some time.”

This doesn’t surprise me. Aside from talking points Dawkins has proved on several occasions that he knows next to nothing about the faith. But I imagine it’s “beneath” him so he won’t invest any real thought into it. Heaven forbid he buy into it.

Yes, Atheists think that all Christians, including Catholics, are Fundamentalists. They don’t know what the word really means, they just attach it to the end of Christian to add to the insult.

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