The Pope is a LIBERAL

Now before you let the word “liberal” make you turn around and run the other way (I know, I’m a conservative too), please read the article from start to finish. :wink:

A great article!

Yes, I saw that one. I love the ending. :slight_smile:

Great article!! Thanks!! Now lets post this on National non-Catholic Distorter, Huffington Post, New York Times etc EXCEPT don’t identify who it is at first. Let it sit there and collect comments about Pope Francis and then WHAM , reveal its PAPA BENEDICT! Those people wont be able to stop their head from spinning! It really PROVES how the media needed the NAZI POPE angle to discuss Pope Benedict. Objective non biased media?? My “you know what”!


Jesuits are liberal in thinking (within reason, think about [consider/discern] all you can) not in ideas.

Even if he were the ‘other’ kind of liberal, I would still love and tolerate him. BUT HE’S THE ONLY ONE, SEE.

I am an easy going guy, and that’s it.

You didn’t read the article, did you? :stuck_out_tongue:

A very interesting and witty article! The point that the article is trying to make is that the Pope is not changing catholic teaching at all, and the media is merely putting words in the pope’s mouth that he never really said. But the question that I have for this article is what exactly does the pope really mean by what he said?

He meant exactly what he said. Nothing he said was against Church teaching. What the liberal media took from all that was a huge reach on their part.

The pope says homosexuals should be loved and not bullied? The media says “look, the pope supports homosexuality!”

The pope says it is good for women to participate in Church roles? The media says “look, the pope thinks women should be priests!”

Nothing the pope said is problematic. It’s what the media said that is false.

Cool article, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the clarification. :slight_smile:

Benedict XVI would not tolerate let alone associate with a person who was liberal. The Pope stated the truth. Nothing he stated was against Catholic teaching.

The liberal media is blowing everything out of proportion. Need I remind all of you about Pope Benedicts comment on condoms?

Concerning the gay comments here is the official stance of the church:

Homosexuals and Heterosexuals MUST live chaste lives and all sexual activity must conform to the Church and Bible’s norms for marriage and procreation.

We should never mistreat people because they have certain problems. However, we should never encourage their problems either. We must play a fine line between respect and condemnation.

My opinion: If a person is gay who am I to judge. If they claim they were born that way so be it. However, they cannot practice their gay lifestyle and must follow the teachings of the church. Remember, we are all called to live a chaste life in accordance with the Church and the Bible.

Where is “unregulated capitalism” practiced? The United States has not had “unregulated
capitalism” since the late 1800’s.

Are you serious?
Oh yes, let’s trust the media when it talks about the Pope.


i love that!




Simply brilliant writing.:thumbsup:

It is rather frustrating how the media often fails to understand the Church. I always found it rather peculiar how the media or various ideological camps would be “shocked” by this or that thing a pope does. It’s usually because they haven’t been paying attention to him over the long haul.

But I wonder if perhaps good can come from all this. Such people can make Benedict the villain and that will make them love Francis all the more. Yes, they are woefully off the mark when it comes to understanding Benedict. But at least their admiration for Francis may perhaps open the door wide enough for the Gospel to penetrate their hearts.

Maybe I’m just being idealistic. :o But I think Benedict would gladly take the heat if good would come from it.

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