The Pope is coming to the USA. Are Catholics ready?

Take a look at what Catholic Answers, the sponsor of this forum, is doing for the Papal visit next month.

What is his itinerary?

Also: Do you think he will get it worse tahn Pope JP II?

I think he wil because he seems less tolerant of modern “errors”… :slight_smile:

Personally, I think that the Holy Father will be attacked in the media by homosexual groups. These attacks will be loud and long and will be disproportionate to the number of people making the charges. The media will gobble it up.

Along with pictures of hundreds of thousands of people coming to see him, there will be lots of pictures of men in drag and protesters with signs saying how evil the Pope is for not endorsing sodomy. The fact that there will only be a handful of people will not matter, they will be front-page news.

US bishops have an educational package on the Papacy, this pope, and the visit available on their website. It has been distributed to pastors, schools and DREs throughout the diocese and supposed to be used in age-level appropriate lessons this week.

It is starting already.

And these people falsely claim to be Catholic.

I’d like to protest that he’s going to Yankee Stadium! I can’t set foot in there. lol

ok, jokes aside, we can’t do anything about the protesters. After all they have as much right to protest as we do to celebrate our Pope’s visit. What we can do, since the world will be focused on US Catholics, is to set examples of Catholic living for the world to see. We should notify our newspapers of trips to see the Pope. We should notify our media about what our groups are doing to prepare. We should notify our media about what it means that the Pope is coming to the US. In short, we should flood the media. They can only cover so many things. If your local newspaper has published 10 stories on pro-Catholic activities then the one negative won’t look so bad to outsiders. Let’s make sure they cover us and the Pope.

yes it would seem Fenway Park is a more traditionally Catholic destination, but oh well. we will have lesson plans and discussions of the papacy, this Pope and the visit in all grade levels including RCIA this week. my goals is that every student will at least be able to answer basic questions.

actually Fenway is almost like our alternate religion LOL.

I hope you know I"m only joking. :slight_smile:

Is HE ready?


Actually I think the Pope is ready for it – seems that he’s been around long enough to see it all – the good, the bad and the ugly!:slight_smile:

We are an hour away from DC and I am taking my 13 yr old son with me to the new Nationals Stadium for Mass with the Pope! We are incredibly excited and feel so blessed to be able to be there & experience it all!! I was in high school when Pope JPII came to DC and still remember watching it on TV in awe! We did a spread in our high school yearbook on his visit.

On a practical note, I am certain that there will be protesters galore as our dear Pope Benedict is a traditionalist & we, as U.S. Catholics, have a tendency to want things our way no matter what. I think everyone needs to just grow up, read the Cathecism & decide to be a Catholic or not be one – I’m personally tired of fence-sitters & cafeteria Catholics! :smiley:

BTW, my 13 yr old son is an altar server & asked me what the likelihood was that he would be able to serve at the Papal Mass at the Stadium! He aims high, doesn’t he? LOL

Thanks… More people to write to… and throw the :bible1: at. :smiley:

Good idea…

Specifics? I mean, what can we write that the liberal media will publish? :confused:

:extrahappy: :amen: :highprayer:

I’m just not sure what kind of a Catholic this fellow is. After all, he ignores the rules regarding mandatory retirement. He stood for election in violation of the rules and continues in office in flagrant disregard of them. In two weeks this will be 6 years of flouting the directives of his predecessors. I just don’t know. The rules are fine for everyone else, but I don’t have to follow them? Sounds like cafeteria Catholic to me.


Don’t worry, I’ll be there and I’ll have my Red Sox cap on just for you.

We live about ninety minutes from DC and two hours from NYC and will essentially be going everywhere the pope goes.

A lot of what we’re doing is going to be videotaped and put on both YouTube and a private website.

I’m leading a team of about thirty people from our church and 15 or 16 people from one of our sister churches.

It’s 4:30 as I’m writing this and I’m planning to leave about 7:00 to check in.

Who are you referring to? The Pope???

If so, could you please elaborate… from what i know about Benedict, he is a very devout 100% absolute Roman Catholic…

When cardinal, he was called Panzer Cardinal (because he was so orthodox & strong, etc…). therefore, Now i feel he should be called Panzer Pope…

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