The Pope Praying in the Blue Mosque???

I know this happened 6 years ago, so it is an old hat for a lot of people, but I am a Protestant that is more and more drawn to the Catholic Church, and I must say that what on earth was the Pope doing praying in a Mosque 6 years ago???

Is this like Naaman asking for pardon when he has to prop up his master in a pagan temple, and that when he prays he IS praying to the one true God, not a pagan God? It sure seems like the Pope could have shown some other kind of gesture for solidarity than pray alongside muslims, those who HATE Christians and want to see us killed by the sword! He even turned toward Mecca at one point, in his Blue Mosque tour. What’s up with that!!!
From Wikipedia:

I think turning towards Mecca and praying for GOD is okay, GOD presence is everywhere…, in Mecca, in NY, in Mars, in Heavens…

Or else he was turning towards Jerusalem. Have a look at a map, both Jerusalem and Mecca are south of Istanbul.


[bibledrb]1 Thess. 5:17 [/bibledrb]

[bibledrb] Luke 18:1 [/bibledrb]

And about a hundred other verses, which I ;)leave to others to discover…

He prayed for brotherhood and the good of humanity.

Two minutes of silence, a prayer made obvious only by the moving lips of Benedict XVI and the imam of the Blue Mosque. Different prayers, of course, elicited by the Pope who said—"Let us pray for brotherhood and the good of humanity!—in response to the imam, who during the visit to Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, showed the Pontiff the Muslim prayer book, saying that “each Muslim prayer begins with the name of Allah; Allah is the name of God”. Having placed his hand on the book, the Pope invited those presents to pray. At the moment he was in front of the mihrab, the niche in direction of Makkah.

In Istanbul’s Blue Mosque the Pope prays for the brotherhood of humankind

Praying in a mosque does not necessarily mean that one is praying to Allah. :slight_smile:

It’s also worth remembering that it is *far *from the case that all Muslims want to kill us! Just as the Bible contains passages that are meant allegorically and which can be taken out of context, so does the Koran.

In fact, the Koran actually has some rather positive things to say about Jews and Christians! For instance: “Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians – whoever believes in God and the Last Day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord. And there will be no fear for them, nor shall they grieve”.

Most moderate Muslims live quite happily and peaceably amongst their neighbours, regardless of their faith. Those who do advocate violence against others are a small, but tragically vocal minority.

JL: Years ago I prayed the Rosary as I walked around the fifth century church of Hagia Sophia. I also visited the Blue Mosque were I prayed a hail Mary. I’m sure I was facing east as that is the back or main part of the Mosque. Just as going into any church one faces the back of main part of the church. I gave no thought to which direction I was facing as it made no difference.

Keep in mind, praying, to the Pope is not worshipping. I think you may be equating praying with worship.

He is praying to the Christian God.


There is an excellent book written by no other than Pope (former Cardinal Ratzinger) Benedict, ‘Spirit of the Liturgy’.

Yes, the Holy Father is praying to the Lord, and Benedict is working to bring the priest back to facing the East…to face the rising sun…Jesus Christ.

You have to get beyond the image and the continual fundamentalist take of images and turning them into something we do not believe or practice.

Events like this are more complicated than they look on the surface; I honestly do not think we are fit to judge.

The fact is that the Holy Father’s faith is strong. He can walk into places where we would not stand a chance.

I wouldn’t let my eleven year old daughter go to VBS at a Baptist Church because she is too weakly formed in her faith yet, too vulnerable to mistakes. But I would not deny the Holy Father the ability to go anywhere and make decisions about when to pray, where to pray and with whom.

The Holy Father could probably walk into Satan’s den and not be harmed.


Catholics are accused of wrongdoings by protestants, and other relgious sects and this one is one of them. If the Pope prays in the Catholic Church or in front of a statue, he will also be criticized. Now the Pope is praying in a Mosque and he is also criticized. Isn’t that the Protestants preach to pray anywhere, anytime? what is wrong praying in a Mosque? This reminds me of the story of Jesus inviting Himself to have meal with a tax collector.

Its not the direction of where the Holy Father was praying but to who. What counts is who you are praying to. The direction is immaterial. Just praying eastward because of where he is at and with is not as important than what Holy Father prayed and to who.

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