The Pope Sanctions the OECD Thugs


What?! I was shocked when I read this! This man needs to get a life. Who in the heck is the OECD? And how would this man know that the Pope’s next encyclical is about tax evasion?



Don’t jump the gun… the encyclical hasn’t been released yet, and therefore any discussion of its content is merely speculation.

This topic was discussed by our local Catholic talk radio host, and his guest was saying that the encyclical will not condemn tax avoidance, but tax evasion. Walter Williams probably ought to keep his mouth shut until he’s had a chance to read this not-yet-released encyclical.

And, which man needs to ‘get a life?’ I certainly hope you’re not referring to our Holy Father! :eek:


I’m not talking about the Holy Father. I’m talking about Walter Williams. Why would Williams make the connection between the Holy Father and OECD.


This being a news forum, we need something better than an opinion piece based on another article which cites “Vatican sources” on which to start a thread. There will be plenty of time for discussion when the pope’s paper is released. Thread is now closed. If you wish to discuss the writer, please start a thread in Popular Media.

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