The Pope, the Jesuits, and Abortion

Well, here we go again with another Jesuit college story. It will be interesting to see if Pope Francis, a Jesuit heavyweight, weighs in on this one.

I expect Pope Francis will allow the Jesuit superior-general to handle matters relating to the order.

At any rate, I am not sure there is any reason for higher-ups to do anything. The faculty of Santa Clara University voted their disapproval of the university president’s decision. However, the board of trustees makes the final decision. As the Inside Higher Ed article mentions, when a similar controversy took place at Loyola Marymount University earlier this year, the board of trustees voted to back the president.

I hope your expectation is justified.

Jesuit colleges seem to be chronically liberal. Why would the faculty of a Catholic college vote to get abortion insurance? Do they have no respect for the Catholic Church?

Certainly abortion insurance is not a Constitutional right.

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