The pope visiting and such questions

will you be able to see what the pope says live on TV any were or on the internet? I want to see it.

I’m sure there will be live tv coverage every minute he’s here. Roanoker

ya but were?

EWTN’s schedule for programming during the Pope’s visit:

If you don’t get EWTN on your cable or satellite, you can watch online.

How about satellite radio? Sirius is dedicating three channels for coverage related to Pope Benedict’s visit:

The Catholic Channel, SIRIUS 159, will provide 24-hour coverage of current Papal Visit.

Key events will be rebroadcast on Papal Playback, SIRIUS 143

Papal Archives Channel, SIRIUS 119, will showcase historic speeches from Pope John Paul II and Pope Paul VI, plus earliest known recording of a Holy Father, Pope Leo XIII circa 1902.

alright thx. i think I will watch it on PC in my bedroom :D. I am young and its nice and quiet in here away from parrents and brother. thats nice. I just rotate it a bit and watch whille laying down. I GOT IT MADE! :smiley:

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