The Pope vs Hitler

The Pope vs Hitler is a thrilling documentary that explores one of the least known stories of World War II – the role of the Vatican in the conspiracy to assassinate Adolf Hitler. But as Hitler pondered a direct attack on Pope Pius XII, one of his bravest warriors was beginning to plot an attack on him. Catholic Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg had been gravely wounded in Tunisia. As he recovered he vowed to dedicate his life to the cause of ending Hitler’s. His daring attempt would nearly succeed, and prove to be the climax in the long quest to cut the head off the Nazi snake. But Hitler’s revenge would prove fast and furious. In the darkest days of World War II, St. Peter’s was shrouded in the shadow of the swastika. But even as the Führer surrounded him, the Pope was plotting a secret counter-offensive. Wartime Pontiff Pius XII has been derided for his public silence about the Holocaust. But evidence suggests his silence may have been subterfuge. And the man branded as “Hitler’s Pope” may actually have wanted to eliminate him.

Enjoy this superb documentary! :slight_smile:

The Vatican was notoriously silent during ww2 and the holocaust. The Vatican was one of the first outside groups to know about what was really happening to the jews, and it kept silent. The pope also ordered the priests in Germany at the time not to speak out, and do its best to comply with the NAZI regimes orders, i.e. closing down catholic schools, after school groups.

Would you accept that you have been greatly misinformed if I could produce a Vatican Newspaper, that is from Rome, from the 1930’s that reported the excommunication orders issued by the German Bishops for anyone who joined the “Hitler Party” ?


BenjaminJ - your take on such is not the right understanding of history and all of the work the Church did against the evils of this time …

Rubbish! Pius XII was up to his neck in no less than three plots to overthrow and/or kill Hitler, complete with full theological justification for killing the Nazi dictator (via Thomas Aquinas). Please read Mark Riebling’s excellent book Church of Spies: The Pope’s Secret War Against Hitler, which this documentary is based upon.

It’s as good as any thriller and someone really should make a movie about Josef Muller aka “Joey the Ox”, one of the espionage heroes of the war. Of course, it would run counter to the “Hitler’s Pope” myth and so probably never get made. But Riebling’s book is truly outstanding - it even made Sam Harris reluctantly admit he’d got Pius XII all wrong.

Don’t fall for conventional wisdom or reportage. Read up a bit. Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty. A 1983 TV movie was made starring Gregory Peck and Christopher Plummer. A LOT more going on than was known or ever reported.

All of this despite the fact that the Nazis painted a white line around the Vatican and anyone leaving was fair game.

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