The pope's intergalactic Lego space ship: The B16

During quarantine I’ve been able to work on the B16, the pope’s intergalactic space ship, named after Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who was pope when the Church made First Contact with ET’s. I figured the pope would have to make his apostolic visits to these new found believers and so, I’ve designed a ship to do so. It’s still a work-in-progress (WIP) and I’ve been working on it for a number of years now, but I though I’d share a few shots.

This is the underside. I decided to make it all white. There’s some nice, deep recesses for landing gear, which I doubt I’ll do because it’s too heavy, or I can hide all sorts of surprises underneath secret hatches.

Side view with Parisian Restaurant and fax machine. The B16 is hard to photograph it’s so big. This is with the tops removed.

With the tops on

Exploded view w/ piano (so to speak, it comes apart for convenience)



Are the green tubes on each side viewing areas? Great job! I love seeing what people do with LEGO!

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Absolutely brilliant. More effort than I could ever have.


I’m thinking the all green one will be the chapel and the partially green one will be the pope’s private quarters.

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