The Popes True Agenda (A Consoling Thought.)

It is now widely acknowledged that the media’s initial reporting of the pope’s recent speech on creation and evolution—with notable exceptions—was a journalistic debacle.

Despite blaring headlines that Francis had finally placed the Church behind evolution, he was merely repeating long-standing Catholic teaching on the compatibility between faith and science.

One would think, then, that the press would be more cautious reporting on Francis. Alas.

In a piece entitled, “Pope Maps out Personal (and Progressive) Policy,” the Associated Press presents Francis as a left-wing ideologue, whose policies “make even some of his closest collaborators squirm.”

The AP then admits, however, “Francis has demonstrated an unusually vivid concern about the devil”—a subject not-known to have much sway among progressives. If papal observers are “squirming” about this, it is because Francis is far too Biblical and traditional for their spirits.

Unfazed by the contradiction, the AP goes on to write of the pope’s “progressive social priorities,” as if they were novel, highlighting his concern for the environment, the poor, the imprisoned and unemployed. But the saint after whom Francis is named embraced God’s creation back in the thirteenth century; and the AP quotes Francis himself as stressing “love for the poor is at the center of the Gospel.”

The AP concludes its commentary by stating, “Francis has spoken with near-disdain about theologians,” but then acknowledges his praise for “excellent theologians.” Among them is his illustrious predecessor, mentioned in a previous story by the AP:

“Francis has gone out of his way to embrace Benedict even as he steers the Church on a vastly different course.” (emphasis added)

The problem here is that Pope Francis wrote his first encyclical with Benedict, has endorsed Benedict’s stinging rebuke of a “dictatorship of relativism,” and built strongly on Benedict’s teachings on social justice.

If the secular media has gotten Francis wrong, so too have partisans in the Church.

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