The population crash [The European demographic crash makes it to the Guardian]

Once a country has very low fertility for a generation, it begins to run out of young women able to gestate future generations. Germany is there already: it has only half as many children under 10 as adults in their 40s. Demographer Peter McDonald calculates that if Italy gets stuck with recent fertility levels, and fails to top up with foreign migrants, it will lose 86% of its population by the end of the century, falling to 8 million compared with today’s 56 million. Spain will lose 85%, Germany 83% and Greece 74%.

Exactly what Spengler (David P. Goldman)has been saying for years. The wild will take over the cities. Western civilization did not go out with a bang, but with a whimper.

The wild won’t take over those cities. They’ll be filled to bursting with Islamic immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East.

Will they gut the interiors of all those medieval Gothic cathedrals and turn them into mosques, I wonder, or just dynamite them?

On a similar note, the KC Mo school district is closing half its schools because it does not have the student base to support it. It now has the same number of students that it had 100 years ago.

Demographic decline will play a major factor in the coming depression.

Well, you know if we hadn’t aborted 50 million babies since 1973, we wouldn’t have a demographic decline…

(Actually it’s 49,551,703, according to National Right to Life, but that’s still enough to populate a whole state.)

Here is an historical factoid. The land therefore the future belongs to those who can best use it and have the means to it.

Oh well… No babies… No hope… No future.

Quite right. 100 years from now, German and Italian will be spoken exclusively in Hell. People who look like me will be a rarity world wide, and I am not displeased. The important thing is that the Faith will be preserved and probably strengthened. It is, in the last analysis, souls which are important and not ethnic groups, races or cultures.

Ich habe Mitleid mit dir… Ich werde fur Sie beten.

Ich auch. I really wish the Germans would reproduce more, then all that time I spent learning the language won’t have been a waste. Hopefully the Turks learn to speak German in their place.

Ach, oder im Himmel!

Actually I was referring to the self-righteous post of that person. I feel sorry for that person’s cold heart and self-riteous attitude.

Yes, exactly. It’s the elephant in the room that nobody mentions when you hear talk about Social Security failing, or as Jim G stated school closings-consolidations.

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