The Power of Homosexual TV

I have just come from watching a Vortex episode from which discusses the media stuffing homosexuality down our throats. You can view on YouTube here:

In the Vortex is cited G.L.A.A.D (The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) which is a watchdog organization that keep records of homosexual, bisexual, and transgendered characters and storylines on t.v.

As a regular viewer of Bones and semi-regular viewer of Grey’s Anatomy, here my take on the LGBT characters/storylines:

Bones: Glaad states that the character Angela is bisexual. Several seasons ago this character did have a love affair with a woman. Since then, this character has now been remarried to a man and they have had a child together named Michael. These two characters represented a prolife storyline in opting to carry their child to term despite a 25% likelyhood that the child would be born blind. Baby Michael was born perfectly healthy. It should be noted that doctors regularly advise would be parents that there could be something wrong with their child using a test that has an 85% failure rate (meaning the child is born perfectly healthy). The doctor then would discuss “options” such as “early delivery” (read: abortion) with the parents. This is because in the US, the doctor can be sued for “wrongful life” by both the mother and child if they [the child] have a disability and were not told of the possibility of it before birth. Anyways, watching Bones I think of Angela as heterosexual and I’m pretty sure most viewers do too so Glaad strikes out on that one.

Grey’s Anatomy: When homosexual character Arizona and bisexual character Callie’s homosexual relationship was first introduced the writers were overly agressive about it. As a result, I quit watching the show for a while as it seemed like the show was all about them being lesbians - they got the most screentime. A few friends of mine - an atheist and a protestant, both female, also agreed that it was basically pathetic - the airtime this specific storyline got. Both agreed that, that particular season was basically worthless. It seems that we weren’t alone in sharing these opinions since the following season was far more conservative and the homosexual storyline was practically shelved a few episodes and revamped as a minor storyline. As you may have noticed on the Glaad site linked above, there is no mention of this change of the scene.

What are your thoughts on the television shows that Glaad cites as being LGBT friendly, Glaad itself, and/or LGBT representation in the media?

Also, for Catholic Spirituality perspective on homosexuality, there’s a Vortex for that! You can also inquire Church teaching of LGBT on this forum too, don’t forget!

Angela was in a serious relationship with a woman in college that lasted for multiple years (if my memory serves me correct). Sounds pretty bisexual to me. I don’t even know how you can argue against that. Is that normal for heterosexual people to have sexually active relationships with people of their own gender?

I apologise, I wasn’t clear. You are more precise about her history. However, for me it is a case of out of sight, out of mind. For me it was a faily minor storyline and didn’t do anything for the character except maybe some backstory. Her behavior since that season is very heterosexual (although that doesn’t change that she may be bisexual). Any viewers picked up since that particular season has passed likely just think of her a heterosexual as well because there has been nothing significant to suggest otherwise since then.

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