The Power of Mary

Last week I was in the nearby mountains of Idaho, looking for huckleberries. The most famous and flavorful berry in the West. The first day I hardly saw any berries. The insects ate me up. Next morning I had better luck but not much better. On the third and final day of picking was totally different.

I had started praying the Rosary, asking for help from Mary. Before I knew it I had drifted off to just saying The Hail Mary, over and over. It is so hard trying to pray and remember where you are while doing other things. The berry patch improved greatly, the plants were much taller than normal, and some plants were loaded with large, for huckleberries, sweet and extremely flavorful berries. In the two hours I had to pick I was more than pleased with the results. Having ate a number of the largest and best looking berries. How sweet they are.

Mary had blessed me their was no doubt. Others had been trying to find berries in the general area but for some reason it is a sparce year, with very poor results.

Mary indeed blest me. I promised her I would tell my story.

Your post made me realize that it’s okay to bring our humble, daily concerns to Mary. She is Queen of Heaven now, but when she lived on earth, her life was hard, and she understands what we’re going through.

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