The Power of Nightmares : Documentary about history/development of the Jihadist group

There is an excellent 3 part documentary called “The Power of Nightmares”

It is discusses the history of Neo-Conservatism as well as the Jihadists/Extremists and how these ideologies developed from the mid-90’s until today.

I liked this documentary alot of how factual it is in its portrayal of the Jihadist movement and its founders and its leading figures. Much of what it contains is exactly what Muslims who have studied the developments of this group in the last century believe about them.

What all should understand about this group is that it is an ideology, a sect, a way of thinking that began many decades ago. It is NOT what the rest of the over 1 billion Muslims believe today, or in the past. It is a new ideology, what many scholars of Islam describe as* ‘Latter Day Khawarij’* .

You can watch all 3 parts in realplayer streaming at:

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