"The Power of Now" - Tolle

Hi, have to be quick, but…

I’m seeing a counselor for depression issues.

She’s given me this book on CD to listen to. Has anyone read (or listened to) it? It seems fishy, feels sketchy, can’t pinpoint it. I’ve only started listening to it. I’m coming from a “Bible church” evangelical background, though, and wonder how much of that background appropriately or inappropriately filters what I’m reading (hearing!).

Would LOVE to get an orthodox opinion on this. I searched “tolle” and saw a question being asked but few responses.

Thanks for any help! Should I stop seeing this counselor if she’s promoting “new age-y” junk to me? Or can I get good from it? Oy. Such a tough situation; not easy to deal with the depression thoughts! (Though I’m doing MUCH better in that regard, so not sure I “need” the counseling, she thinks I do…)

Yes Annie, your feeling is spot on. This Eckart Tolle stuff is truely anti-Christ. It sounds so good but it is really death and not life. It has been hugely promoted by Ohpra Winnfry. Putting this new age stuff in your mind will only give you worldly thought which is the realm of the devil. The word of God is life and health. I strongly recommend seeing a Christian counselor.

Why would anyone, especially a Catholic, want to read anything but the writings of 2000 years worth of incredible Truth from authors like Jesus Christ (Sacred Scripture), Saints like St. Augustine’s ‘Confessions’, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Catherine of Sienna, and more recent writings from Pope John Paul II & Pope Benedict XVI…just to name a few, most available free on line.

Why would someone want to listen to “psycho-babble” that is nothing but a sweet sounding, feel good “Oprah” chat and a way out of doing what is right, of doing what Jesus asked us to do???

"**And he said to all, “If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” (Lk 9:23).

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!**


I read some of his stuff, if you’ve studied theology at all you just wonder how he sells any books- it’s like Catholicism lite. He’s on to something, and that something can be found in its fullness in the Catholic Church!

You might want to look up Catholic Answers podcasts of their radio programs, available on this site. They have a frequent guest, Sharon Lee Gigante, who discusses Oprah and New Age and Tolle often comes up in those talks as a major force in that movement. According to Sharon (and Church teaching, which she draws from of course), Tolle’s views are definitely not acceptable for Catholics or other Christians or anyone with good sense.

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