The Power of Priests


O priests! Do you know what power God has given to you, His representatives? He has given to you the power of obedience.

Just as God was obedient to His parents on Earth - a thing which is shocking, the Creator obeying His creatures - so too now He is obedient to you. He places your opinions above His own, even at times directing souls according to your opinions.

With the same obedience God showed when He went where His parents wanted, so too now He comes down from Heaven when you consecrate the bread and wine.

Just as God could not refuse His Mother’s request at Cana, so too now He cannot refuse anything you ask of Him in prayer. Your prayers are as powerful as the intercession of the heavenly hosts.

O priests, you have been called to an angelic vocation, and you have also been given power which not even the angels have, namely, to hear confession. Your power is so great because God exalts the humble, and priests are truly called to humility; they must be the servants of the Church. The layperson is a priest’s master. For the priest is a representative of Jesus Christ, who took on the form of a slave.


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