The Praises of Institute of Christ the King


I just want to say that we do not pay enough attention to the Institute of Christ the King on Catholic web forums. They have no reputation of schism whatsoever, and they offer the most beautiful Extraordinary Form. They should receive more praise and donations. They really have a great apostolate going for the Church. We should pay more attention to them, and give them more of our praise.


The vast majority of Catholics aren’t familiar at all with this tiny institute, that has just 99 priests, and is active in only 7 states in the US and even in those 7 states they don’t have many facilities…

No matter how great they are, this is a low profile group that only a very small percentage of Catholic are likely to ever have an interaction with. I don’t know how much attention they should get.


I only just found out about them. Apparently they have a beautiful church in Detroit, which sits next to the freeway in the middle of an area that otherwise looks like it has seen better days (was apparently largely demolished to build the freeway).

I’d like to go up sometime for a Mass. If they are not in schism, I am happy to support them just for saving that lovely church from ruin.


No, that is what is so great about them. They have no schism in their history, and they anticipated the future Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum without suffering from any schism. As far as I know, they are one of the very few to do that, being from within the Church the entire time.


In addition to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (ICRSS), another group that doesn’t receive enough attention is the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius (SJC).

They are a very new group, founded in 1998. Besides having an attachment to the Extraordinary Form, they also have an attachment to performing the Ordinary Form with extreme care and beauty.

Their whole mission is to preserve and foster the devotional, musical, catechetical, and artistic traditions of the Catholic Church. They focus on the beauty of Catholicism, recognizing that beauty comes from God.,

In my opinion, if I were to pick between SJC, FSSP, and ICRSS, I would pick the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius because they have a dedication to both the EF and OF - proving that both can live together in harmony.

God bless


I made it a point to attend. St. John Cantius when I found myself in Chicago. I picked the Ordinary Form in Latin, that THAT was the way to celebrate the Ordinary Form.


That is a good point about SJC having both forms.


I have been told by Priests that they did not like the FSSP because they come from a schism. I think that is somewhat unfair, and somewhat true in a way. That is why I think institute of Christ the King should receive more attention and praise. Let’s keep this thread about the Institute, and start a different thread about the SJC. Does anyone have anything good to say about the Institute of Christ the King?


I agree! Also the Canons of John Cantius!!! And the Fraternity of Vincent Ferrer, for that matter.


The original poster is right, on CAF we tend to post far more about problems than about success stories in the Church. I encourage anyone to post about how this Order has blessed them.


That was also my experience of the Oratorians…both forms living side by side with a superb, heavenly ars celebrandi.


I have no real life experience with the Institute, but I think their blue choir dress looks snazzy.


Eli, do you go to one of the Institute’s apostolates on a regular basis?


Yes I do. We are very lucky to have the Institute at St. Mary’s Oratory here in Rockford, IL. The liturgy is very beautiful.


The Fraternity of St Vincent Ferrer also I think had initially broken off and then they entered into communion again… They follow the Dominican rule although they have not been yet accepted as a branch of the Dominican order.


The FSSP has faced and still continues to face hostility due to the initial members being part of SSPX… as you said it’s unfair and sad that the FSSP has to face this coz of the past.
People supporting the SSPX are against the FSSP since they accept Vatican II, and people who are in the church are critical of the FSSP since they were part of SSPX. So they are on the receiving end from both the sides at times.


I hear you guys have a new choir director who is… awesome.



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