The prayer that was made for a married couple breaking up


A priest from India told us at Sunday mass what happen to him once. Late a night a man came and insisted over and over again that this priest come to his home. The priest told him it would look very bad if he went into his home late at night, and asked why the man wanted him to come. The man wouldn’t say, but finally he said that the priest had blessed his marriage, and he and his wife wanted to separate in front of him. When the priest asked what was wrong, the man said he wanted to leave the curtains in his house open all the time. and his wife wanted them closed all the time. The priest didn’t know what to do and went to his superior to ask his superior what to do, and his superior went to the man’s house with him.
When they went to the house, the wife ran out and said her husband didn’t love her and didn’t care for her. Then the husband said his wife was lazy and she watched television all the time. The priest said they should all pray and they held hands and prayed. He said he could feel water dripping from his eyes. Then after they prayed, the couple decided that they would stay together. Later they had a boy, who they named, in the local language, God helps.
Then the priest told the people there at mass that couples should pray together.


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