The Pre-Ordination of our souls

Huh, interesting. I wonder when I got that mixed up. Thanks for the correction.

Given that when a deceased person’s soul appears to the living they seem to retain the image of their physical characteristics, I actually would say those physical characteristics become an intrinsic part of the soul.

The soul may not have eyes in the way we do, but then my genetic code doesn’t have eyes either. Even so, my genes contain the reality of those eyes in them. I think it’s much the same way with our souls. Even though they may not posses physicality in and of themselves, those attributes are still a part of them…

I’m not going to hang my theological hat on that or anything, it’s just always how I’ve conceived of the soul.

Fair enough, I have no issue with that answer. Like I said, this is just something I’ve been considering lately.

“” So, since God gave my son all the particular physical characteristics he has “”

I too disagree this assertion… The Fall of Man / SIN - had negative impacts upon all Creation - including introducing Death… This is not because of God’s Giving … but rather, of Disobediences - including Satan’s - to God. . . We look forward to having Resurrected Bodies.

Ahh, but that’s not reality, is it? It’s just an apparition, right? :wink:

If you’re used to seeing Grandpa as a man, you’d be kinda shocked to see an apparition of him as a girl. (And, to be fair, what you’re seeing isn’t an apparition of his soul, but an apparition of his body, no?)

Not so, I don’t think. Your genetic code does contain the determinants for these physical attributes! (And your soul does not – after all, your soul is simple, not composite.)

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