The Precious Blood in the Cup


Just a quick note to those who don’t know of my past opinions.

I returned to the Church in 2006. I had stopped going to Mass back around 1971 or so. When I returned, I got caught up in the Traditionalist mindset and got a bit carried away with my opinions. I fit into what many would call the “rad trad” group. I believed…

  • the Ordinary Form was inferior to the TLM
  • women didn’t belong in the sanctuary
  • the Blessed Sacrament should only be received on the tongue while kneeling
  • EMHC’s were not needed and in fact an abuse
  • etc.

Well, I’ve come to realize there is a difference between practicing Catholicism and dictating how others should practice Catholicism. And today, I’m ok with both forms of the Mass, as well as ok with whatever the Church has approved of. I still firmly believe that we should kneel and receive COTT, but I accept the Church allows CITH at this time and I no longer judge folks who receive in the hand.

I’ll also add that of the two best sermons I’ve ever heard, one was by a Dominican at an EF mass, and the other was at a Diocesan TLM (Extraordinary Form). So imo, it doesn’t matter what form of the Mass we attend, but what does matter is why we walked into the church to begin with.

What does all this have to do with the thread title ? Well, one thing I’ll never fail to get upset by is disrespect or lukewarmness toward the Blessed Sacrament. Today I chose to attend the OF at a local Dominican parish. After receiving Communion I knelt in prayer as usual and I tend to close my eyes while praying. I had sat in a front pew today and after my post Communion prayers, I opened my eyes and noticed that perhaps 9 out of 10 folks who chose to bypass the Cup just walked on by as if He weren’t there.

Well, it may not be something I should get too concerned with, but it just bothers me quite a bit. If some of us who don’t drink from the Cup can take time to at least acknowledge His presence with a slight bow or similar, why can’t all of us do so ?

So, as I’ve learned to always do when distracted/upset in this manner at Mass, I closed my eyes and prayed some Aves in reparation for the indifference I had noticed from so many.

I wasn’t counting, but after about the 10th or so Ave Maria,I opened my eyes and witnessed one of the most moving actions I’ve ever seen in a Roman Catholic church. A young boy who looked no older than 6 or 7 approached the EMHC holding the Cup of the Most Precious Blood. He had waited in line and when the adult in front of him had finished and moved away, this young boy, holding his hands folded in prayer, made a profound bow to the Cup and then moved on.

Whether this boy’s parents had taught him this or he just “get’s it”, I don’t know. It didn’t appear his parents were in front of him or behind him in the line. My prayers ? I can’t answer that either. But it was very moving to witness and I just had to share it.



we have lost a lot of respect for Christ veiled by the accidents of bread and wine. Many people think it is like a food line, they come up father or an EMHC gives them the precious body and they put it in their mouths make a sign of the cross because they were told to and move on. Their minds could be any place other than who they are receiving. Now granted even very devout Catholics will fall at times in this, and sometimes I do as well, we are all human. But to help me before or after I receive the Body and Blood of Christ (sometimes I can’t get the prayer all in) I say a portion of a prayer by St. Padre Pio.

(I’m paraphrasing)

Lord let me see you as the disciples did at the breaking of the bread, may this communion be the light which dispels the darkness, the strength which upholds me, the unique joy of my life.

This prayer helps me to focus every day I receive Jesus.


Saints Alive,

It is always a joy to see the work of the Holy Spirit changing the heart of another. It really is!!! I expect that this growth will continue as He blesses you with sensitivity to His presence and continued interior guidance.


Thank you for your prayers and your post. I just came ashore from swimming the Tiber this Easter and i usually pass the cup because of holding up the line and having to step over people in the pew when i did try to receive from the cup.I never thought about making a bow towards it in respect :o. But you have opened my eyes to this and from now on i WILL do so.
In RCIA we really werent given instructions about receiving but i was very lucky in that the year before i had a few classes with our now retired Father and he had mentioned a few things that are inappropriate when receiving but nothing was mentioned about what to do when bypassing the cup.
Maybe its the same for others as well, they arent trying to be disrespectful but lack instruction. I still panic when i go up about doing something wrong,

Funny story, i used to always worry about COTT or CITH whenever i went up and usually did what the person before me did just out of anxiety. The Lord knew how it worried me… so about a month ago i went up as usually, bowed before the host, and just as i was saying AMEN, the priest shoved the host in my mouth. It shocked me at first but every since then i only receive on the tongue. The Good Lord knows he needs a sledge hammer to drive a tack on me when it comes to me.


Thanks for mentioning that prayer. I hadn’t heard of it before but I like it !

I’m sure others will as well :slight_smile:


Thanks Sirach2, I’m trying. I seldom post on the trad boards these days. Makes it a lot easier !

Again, thanks for taking time to reply in a kind manner :slight_smile:


here is the prayer in its entirety it is beautiful. I was off on my translation but I don’t think it is a sin to say the prayer of a saint incorrectly when you are trying to do it completely from memory :). Only time its a sin to say a prayer with the wrong words is during a liturgy :).

Let me recognize You as Your disciples did at the breaking of bread, so that the Eucharistic Communion be the light which disperses the darkness, the force which sustains me, the unique joy of my heart.

I was close but a little off.


Hi Dee, the women in the Sanctuary thing … Not separate worship :)…I meant female servers (altar girls) and lectors. I really used to feel that way but I’m ok with it all now. Men who have dedicated their entire lives to the service of the Church make those decisions on what is allowed and what isn’t. Not me.

God will surely bless you for your decision to show respect from here on as you stated ! And as far as stepping over folks in the pews, always remember you don’t really have to return to the same pew. I’ve always just found another pew with room on the end. Unless those I share the pew with see me returning and stand in the aisle for me to re-enter. Then I’ll return to the same one. I do use missals at both forms of the Mass so I just carry them with me in the Communion line. That way if I go to a different pew it’s no big deal.

God Bless and thanks for the reply !


Thanks for taking time to find that !


Thanks. I admit i have learned a lot more on this forum than i did in RCIA and i like to know when i am not being respectful or if i doing something inappropriate. A lot of times i just follow what i see most people do out of fear of doing something wrong.
God Bless, db


That was an excellent post! The reason I sometimes walk by without a bow is because I don’t want to kerfuffle the line-up. But that is simply not a good enough reason. Thank you for the reminder!


Thank you for this.



The word ‘sanctuary’ is used differently by Catholics and Protestant.

It seems that in the Protestant churches the part where the people sit is called the sanctuary, to a Catholic, that’s the nave; the Sanctuary is where the altar is.


Quite welcome :slight_smile:

Please keep in mind it doesn’t require stopping and making a profound bow. Whatever you decide is an appropriate acknowledgement of His presence in the Cup is fine.

  • a slight bow of the head while continuing to walk by
  • the Sign of the Cross while walking by
  • hand over heart and saying silently “my Lord and my God”

Whatever works for you :thumbsup:


I understand where you are coming from but I disagree that any outward sign is called for or even desirable. Immediately after receiving Communion, our attention should be on Jesus within us, not on the cup as we pass by. The same would apply if your path back to your seat took you past the tabernacle. You would not stop to genuflect. Again, if you chose to make a sign of reverence when passing by, there’s nothing particularly wrong with that but neither is it a lack of respect not to.


At our church, those who choose not to receive the Precious Blood place their right hand over their heart as they pass. Since they already have received Christ’s Body, they do not bow (or genuflect) a second time, since Christ is already with them.


In the GIRM were are instructed not to make a genuflection or sign of reverence to the Blessed Sacrament if we are moving in procession. However we are required to make a reverence before receiving Holy Communion. In my diocese this was decreed to be a bow of the head, and suggested to be made at the same time as one responds “Amen.” I follow this, not everyone got the memo so there is a lot of bowing and genuflecting and none-of-the-above going on among communicants.


I thought there may be a difference in the words after i posted that. Thanks :o




For years, I held a lot of the same opinions as the OP. I dint know how or when I mellowed; I’m a stickler for “say the black, do the red,” and while one priest drive me bonkers with his ad libbing and other things outside the norm, I’ve seen my territorial Latin parish revitalized in two years. I can’t complain about that!

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