The Pressence of God

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I am reading Introduction to the devout life by De Sales, and I’m on the first meditation part and the preparation part says to place yourself in the presence of God. Does this mean I have to go to Church where Christ is Present in the tabernacle. Or can I jut be near the little prayer place in my room with the cross and a statue of our Blessed Mother?

All you have to do is close your eyes and imagine yourself in the presence of the Lord.
Feel his clam presence in your heart. Like everything, it takes practice.

God as creator and sustainer is everywhere at all times. While He is present in a particular and unique way in the Tabernacle what we must do, according to St Francis is see that He is always with us and always there when we turn to Him. Somewhere in that fabulous book St Francis uses the phrase “My heart, My heart, My God is truly here.” This is a phrase we can say anywhere at any time and it is true, Such is the greatness of our God.

God Bless


You don’t even need to imagine anything. Just be conscious that where you are, God is, and you are in his presence.

My favorite regarding this subject is: “The Practice of the Presence of God,” a spiritual classic by Br. Lawrence, a 16th century Discalded Carmelite.
His writing is very brief, easy to read, right to the point and available online.

I love to be in the pressence of God In church, some times I go an hr early,so I can talk, with out being disrupted. But you go to a quit place and God will still here you.

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