The Priest of the Rings

Hello Everyone!

        Back when I was a kid I have always even now why is it Priest's and Nuns have

Rings and some don’t I have been always wondered about this and would be greatful for
any clarification or some sort :o

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Not sure I am reading your question correctly - Are you referring to the practice of come religious to wear a wedding band?

They wear this to signify their marriage to Christ. I am not sure why some orders do wear them and others don’t.


Most older priests I know would wear a ring, both as a symbol to their union with the Church, and as a means of warding off any potential female while not in their clerics. I don’t believe it is a requirement though. I asked my parish priest once why he didn’t wear one and he jokingly replied that he hasn’t met the right girl yet, :smiley:

Most priests I know wear only a large white ring around their neck. Be careful of those other rings, or you might become a nazgul.

I can remember one priest who wore a ring. I’m sure there have been others, but I really don’t pay attention to whether or not they wear rings.

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Our priest wears a wedding ring, it was his father’s and he wears it in remembrance of him. (his father has been gone for quite a few years)

I cannot speak for religious priests (Br JR please chime in here if you wish), but secular priests (with the possible exception of those who are married under the “Pastoral Provision” but even then only the wedding band would come into play) should not wear rings while celebrating Mass. Even Canon Lawyers are supposed to remove their rings before Mass.

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The diocesan priest at my church wears a plain wedding band. I’ve never noticed if he wears it while celebrating Mass, and I can’t check tomorrow because he retired last week.

When our new priest comes I’ll be curious now to see if he wears one.

:confused: Why? Can you direct me to a source?

I’m not sure why this should create confusion. Canon Lawyers are given a ring (which was traditionally black onyx), as well as a biretta with a green pom, as a sign of academic achievement. Neither the ring or the biretta with green pom is worn at Mass. Ditto the black zuchetto. OTOH, bishops are entitled to a ring (traditionally amethyst, but that seems to have have changed in post-conciliar times) as a symbol of the episcopacy (i.e. the fullness of the priesthood) itself. Simple (celibate and secular) priests were never given a ring. In any case, by tradition, only bishops wear their ring while celebrating Mass.

One could always ask a traditionally educated bishop or perhaps a similarly educated canon lawyer. :slight_smile:

Interesting. I assumed at first you were referring to a canon lawyer’s wedding ring.

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