The priest who married us is gone!


At our clergy appreciation dinner a week ago, my wife and I found it odd that there was no mention of one of our favorite priests, the one who performed our marriage. We thought, well maybe it’s because he couldn’t make it, but that was until they thanked all the absent clergy, except for him. We’d seen him at Sunday or weekday Mass within a few weeks prior to the appreciation event, and we thought it was very strange that the clergy appreciation event was completely void of his name and likeness. That clued us in that something was up and got us asking questions. As of yesterday his name was removed from the bulletin as parochial vicar, and I also found no mention of the two pilgrimages he was in charge of leading to Italy and Greece. We’re pretty sure he’s gone, and we’ve heard from others now that he is, but there has been no announcement at all. Do you think that’s normal? It’s not like he was ordered somewhere else, thrown a reception, and moved on, but suddenly, he just was gone, and we had no chance to say goodbye. I’m hoping I can write him a letter to the current parish, and maybe it will get forwarded. The way in which he was quickly pulled out of our parish, makes me wonder if he did something he shouldn’t have. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


yes we have, in a former parish in Michigan and the gossip along those lines did a lot of damage in the parish. the facts turned out to be otherwise, but the damage by taking sides, turning energy away from parish needs to speculate, hard feeling among ministries, took a long time to heal. Assume the most charitable interpetation possible, and pray for him. If there is something the parishioners need to know you may be sure the bishop will tell you in his own good time.


I've only seen this happen twice (and in the same parish). Both times it was bad news. One liked the women a little too much, and one liked the guys a little too much.


At my church they made it clear that we had a priest that was ill and needed to rest for a few months. He left behind his e-mail address and he would come to visit us once in awhile.
He really needed to rest because he is the main priest at our church.

He came back rested after 6 months. He also had taken a 30 day cruise on a fancy cruise ship and rested there too. He had a wonderful time.

We have another priest who had to go away to a recuperating place from his alcohol addiction. He became addicted to the wine. I don't think he can come back and do a Mass if he has to drink the wine during Mass. That is what I think.

At my Mom's church her favorite priest also left because he was transfered to another church because they needed a Spanish speaking priest to take his place.
We really miss him but he was transfered to a church about 60miles away from us.
I don't like to drive that far.

I think that some priests just get burned out which means they can't take the work anymore and need to get out for their health reasons which include mental reasons.


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