The Priests - second album confirmed

Just in time for Christmas…:slight_smile:

The Priests’, whose eponymous debut album sold almost 2 million copies in more than 40 countries last year, making it the fastest-selling classical debut album of all time are set to release their second album entitled Harmony this November. The album, which will again be released by Sony’s Epic label will offer spiritual, classical and sacred music including “The Lord’s Prayer” and Christmas favourite “Silent Night”.

Epic’s Nick Raphael, the man who discovered The Priests commented: “The Priests first album reached a huge audience that transcended their religious denomination. We hope that album two can build upon the huge global awareness and sales that the first created”.

I have only a few music cds but the The Priests is one of them and one of my favorite. I am glad to hear I can look forward to a 2nd.

I won’t be buying for this reason. Guy should put brain in gear before opening mouth.

I only just saw one of their concerts on a local PBS station: WOW!!! These priests can SING!!!

Next time please don’t link to an article that automatically prints. It’s inappropriate.

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You know what I think?

That this quote is so true:
“nowadays there is a tendency to exaggerate”

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