The problem with Catholic evangelization today in less than 150 words


I know that lifesitenews is not the most popular site for the denizens of these forums, but this item is worth looking at.

We have a missionary imperative from Christ to convert the world. But there are at least five serious obstacles to evangelizing today, any one of which would already deal a serious blow to the endeavor. First, the privatization of religion. Second, the rejection of original sin and the assumption of universal salvation. Third, the widespread doctrinal and moral confusion in the Church. Fourth, the banality and irreverence of mainstream Catholic worship. Fifth, the utter lack of ascetical demands. When you put all these together, you get Catholics who don’t think they should bother other people about religion, who assume that most people are already fine, who are not even quite sure they know what they believe, have nothing especially attractive to invite people to, and are not living and promoting a way of life that would respond to the needs of any serious searcher.



First. just because someone lists 5 things does not mean that they are the CORRECT 5 things.
I do agree that we are charged with going out and spreading the Good News.

As far as what are the obstacles, the negative publicity in recent years i think would top the list. Yes the media has spotlighted it too much but still, they couldn;t do that if there was not truth there for them to magnify. Negative publicity does not help any organization.

Also there are some policies that are just not popular. Clerical celibacy, no divorce, no birth control and so on. These policies will not attract the masses.

Last, I’d say society and culture have become more secular. You just never watch a tv show or a movie where a character is going to Church or praying or reading the Bible.

Those are what i’d see as big obstacles. No comment on whether or not they are good or bad things as I think that is just BESIDE THE POINT> They are there like it or not.


I think the laity is lacking in wisdom and knowledge in the Catholic Faith so it is hard for them to use the best parts of the Church which are stored away.


Shouldn’t truth overrule popularity when it comes to the teachings of the Church? Christ said that marriage was indisoluble… Birth control is contrary to Gods will and in many cases is murder…


The problem is even the Church/Priests say you are not supposed to convert people. At least that has been my experience. I guess they think people are going to come to God by osmosis.


Yeah, when I was just stepping off the bank of the Tiber, I ran into the parish’s associated pastor in a store downtown. I introduced myself and told him what I was doing, and he muttered something about staying where I was and being a good Protestant. Definitely got himself off on the wrong foot with me. I never liked doing Confession with him after I stepped up on the other bank. He was always slipshod with the procedure. I am thankful that he is no longer in the diocese.



I like that nothing on the list is remotely close to having an authentic, personal relationship with Christ…


That’s absurd! That’s terrible…


I see these five things as all connected to such a relationship and which prevent people from having such a relationship.

The first keeps Christ out of half of our lives and even causes us to create our own Christ, rather than adhere to the authentic one. The second eliminates the primary reason Christ desires to have such a relationship with us and therefore provides little incentive to enter into such a relationship. The third means we don’t actually have an authentic relationship with Christ because we don’t know Him as He has revealed Himself and we don’t know what He expects us to do (“If you love me, keep my commandments”). The fourth involves the degradation of the primary and most intimate means by which we encounter and experience Christ. The fifth means that we do not deny ourselves to follow Christ, which is an integral part of having an authentic relationship with him.

Personally, I think this professor has hit the nail on the head…


Personally I see it (and lots of “lists” like this) as unnecessary compartmentalizing, but I appreciate your view and explanation; I’m looking at it in a different light.


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