The Prodigal Planet...a new sci-fi story


Please consider reading my first work of fiction, a Christian (Catholic) sci-fi story about another world’s discovery of earth.


Download it for free at:


Looks really interesting, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Ben,
I happened to bump into your novel on CAF here and took the liberty of reading the intro and chapter one. I like the concept immeadiately. The contact between fallen earth and unfallen other planets has been used by CS Lewis in his space trilogy and the litterature of sci-fi does abound in what our radio and TV transmissions might do in the hands of extra-terrestrials especially a presumably innocent civilization.

My criticism, as a fellow author, so-far is format & do be careful about your grammer. There were also a couple of sentences that I would have changed some word orders to make them a bit clearer. On the whole it is an excellent story so far. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.
Peace Jim

Greetings Jim:

Thank you for your valued feedback. That CS Lewis has written about such a topic, I was unaware; I’d like to read it someday to know his take on it.

This is story that has been in my head for awhile, and only recently put it to (digital) paper. This is my first work of fiction. I’ve not had the financial resources to get the story professionally edited; I know there are grammatical and technical issues experienced writers (and readers) will be able to expose. (If anyone with editing skills would care to perform this task, I would be greatly appreciative.)


Great concept, Ben. Grammar and spelling - it gets us all at some point. :wink: I enjoyed reading this and I love the title. Thanks for sharing it. :smiley:

Hi Ben,
The book in question by Professor Lewis is in the “Space Trilogy” specifically book 2 “Perelandra” which deals with the idea of the garden of Eden on Venus has yet to be spoiled but, the Bent Endils (demons) have sent an earth man possesed of them to try and spoil God’s plan again.
I went on to chapter 2 after I wrote you and found your style is improving.Part of the game is practice writting and always RE-Read what you wrote. Also when in doubt about technicals, grammer and style look at published works especially the classics. Harlan Ellison is excellent in terms of teaching you about writting style and grammer (despite being a horrible person- based on his interviews.) Also be careful when you look to other sci-fi and fantasy authors because there are some pretty awful ones out there:eek:
Also any points on getting published you figure out let me know.
Peace Jim


I’m so glad you enjoyed my story; yes, I’ll get it professionally edited soon.

The concept is loosely based on the Prodigal Son story in the Gospels. Two sons (planets), one obedient to the Father, the other, a rebel. The obedient son at first would appear to have reason to be upset with the younger brother upon the Father’s welcoming him back.

I’ve often wondered if we have an obedient older brother out there in the cosmos.


Rarely do I read fiction…however, I usually have several non-fiction books in progress at a time. As a writer though, I would think there are pros and cons to reading fiction. A pro in that one can learn from established authors; a con in that a writer’s ideas might become influenced by other stories read, perhaps dampening originally?

I would love to have The Prodigal Planet professionally edited and published as I believe it a story others will find entertaining. How to go about that process, I am still working thru. It’s made more difficult with a limited monetary supply, especially with two children in Catholic schools. It’s all for the kids…so onward I go, in my '95 Buick LeSabre with the “check engine” light that’s been illuminated for the past two years. :slight_smile:

May His hand be over us today and always…

Hi Ben - I will pray that you get professionally published soon and I will tell as many people as I can about your book.

As for your “check engine” light - I totally get it - my “check coolant” light has been on for over 4 years on my 16 year old car! :rolleyes:

I look forward to your next book (I know it’s on its way sometime in the future).

May God richly bless you and your family.

Hi Ben,
I just discovered that Prodigal Planet is the name of a b-grade apocalyptic dystopia evangelical movie from 1983. I was getting ready to read another chapter or two and must have misspelled the website since, Qwest gave me an error message and one of those “is this what you’re looking for messages” and there it was.
Peace Jim

You know that b-grade evangelical apocalyptic movie that has the same name. It is really bad!:eek: Mystery Science Theatre 3000 territory if you know what I mean: dreadful music, bad acting, implausable plot, lots of scripture often out of context or misinterpreted. It’s available on youtube in 14 parts. As my mom would have put it, guaranteed time out of purgatory!:bigyikes::banghead::popcorn: After watching that atrocity, you may want to consider a different title so as not to be confused with it!


Yes, I became aware of the movie of the same name after determining it would be the title of my story. However, I like the title…and it fits. None come to mind immediately, but there have been in movie/book history, different stories sharing the same name.

Your review is good enough for me, I’ll pass on watching The Prodigal Planet movie. I am not too concerned about anyone confusing my story with the film of the same name.

I’d be thrilled if my version were to make it to a movie by some gifted director. It would be awesome.


OK now you’ve got me hooked, what happens after first contact? It’s now starting to get exciting don’t quit! The interaction beween the two planets sounds most interesting and will certainly give you much philosophical matterial dealing with a pure civilization in contact with our corrupted world and the redemtion of Christ. This also gets into the question of the place of Jesus in a non-corrupted world. Will the believers who resemble Jews on a certain level find a need for Jesus in their religion and culture? Also the new Christianity emerging on Frater has much possibility for exploration. There was an old Star Trek episode that dealt with the emergence of Christianity in a Rome that didn’t colapse and was just now starting to cause the colapse of the Empire.
Peace Jim

Thank you Jim for the motivation; I’m so pleased you enjoyed the story. And please feel free to share it.

Well, the story does end where another one could easily begin as you suggest. I’ll have to give it some thought and get to writing it.

May His peace be upon us.



Thanks. My girl’s English teacher was gracious enough to edit my manuscript and point-out other technical issues.

I am happy to report that all of Mrs. Healea’s recommendations and suggestions have been incorporated into the 2nd edition and is available for viewing at


(ps: God bless the heroes of FDNY.)

Hi Ben,
your book sounds fascinating. I would love to read it. I have also been searching through all the threads for anyone discussing Planet X (Nibiru) do you have any thoughts on the subject or found anything about it in other forums? Youtube has very scary and convincing videos!

Greetings Vindicated…

Honestly, I had never heard of this "Planet X (Nibiru) before, but am aware of the impending doom some believe is imminent in the year 2012. Performing a quick search brings-up a short article by David Morrison, a NASA astrobiologist and expert scientist for NASA written back in October of 2008. I agree with his conclusion that people’s "uncritical acceptance of this story worries me as a warning of the dangers of our current scientific illiteracy.

And regarding the “end of the world” in 2012…I defer to what a priest said to me once. “Ed, the end of the world for you is when you die…so have your spiritual house in order.” Further, we are told in holy scripture that no one knows (or has known) the day or time our Father will bring this world to a close. I say…be ready, and get to know our Lord Jesus, with whom there is peace and comfort.

Regarding my recent activity, I’m working now on my second story. It involves the saving of a baby from abortion by his guardian angle as our Father has a special mission for him. I hope to have it completed by summer. I’d be finished sooner, but my day job, the one that pays the bills…takes up so much time.

God’s peace.

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